Wedding Dresses Franc Sarabia Collection

The 2014 collection of Franc Sarabia offers selection at future brides. The suits offered range from classic to more modern lines, in the name of simplicity.

Wedding dresses Franc Sarabia proposed for the 2014 abandon the excesses of previous years and meet class and simplicity. The only luxury granted to these suits feminine cut and harmonious, details in gold and belts with Swarovski stones, perfect to combine to hair accessories of Swiss House. These lighting elements, perfectly integrated in the lines of the dresses, give further light privileged this year to tissues, or satin, silk, lace and tulle. Abandoned the flashy colors of the previous collections, the collection Franc Sarabia 2014 offers the brides color: white.

Don’t be fooled: white predominates without ever being commonplace, thanks to the wide choice of models on offer this year. Thus we find the classic cuts, Mermaid, Princess, inspired by flamenco dancers (see more click here), dancing in Andalusia, land of the maison. The details, especially those in gold, are expertly crafted to not get too opulent and respect the idea of elegance that the label is prefixed with this collection. Other objective, fully centered, is to highlight the shapes and the femininity of every bride. These outfits, in fact, give the slender women and junoesque, sign of the eclectic versatility proposed by House Franc Sarabia for 2014.