Wedding Dresses Trends

Trends for autumn winter 2012-2013 offer very different outfits: very short skirts, for those who choose a vintage look in Church, or long and fluffy, for those who love the Princess. And then the real novelty of the season: the turtleneck.

The ring has arrived and it’s time to start thinking about your wedding. The preparation process is very stressful, but also a lot of fun, especially if you are a fashion victim horrific detail (class). For next season what are the trends? Browsing through the Collections fall winter 2012-2013, we have selected the most interesting details, those that will dictate fashion.

Short dresses to church

Once the short dress was intended only for the municipality. The girls who chose the Church had to wear a traditional dress and long, decidedly more elegant and “punished”. Return of the vintage style has overcome this rule, absolving the short skirts. The latest runways have thus shown fifties and seventies with short skirts (head and shoulders above the knee, no more) and puffy skirts in three quarters. Are less elegant long cuts, but give the woman a jaunty air and less serious. Moreover, even the ladies in crisis in front of white, they may feel more at ease.


If you can’t do without traditional dress, but would make it “modern” must choose the sleeveless dress with Turtleneck. 2012-2013 season is really a must. Enable to renounce shoulder coverage and stoles, because the bear, despite being the world’s top designers featured sleeveless, highly opaque and also suitable to the Church. Who is it indicated? To a young girl, because the effect old lady is around the corner, lean and with arms firm. The defect of this cut, in fact, is precisely to bring out the biceps, you should definitely not be down.

Voluminous skirts

Another important element is the voluminous skirt. This year the tulle back so overbearing giving the clothes lightness. White dominates, but also the ivory and soft pink are highly coveted and made with full skirts are really beautiful, almost fairytale. The tulle also allows you to play with transparencies, very elegantly, especially on the sleeves and bodice. The goal is to ease the high part, to strengthen the lower area. Who is it indicated? In principle a bit to all women who are not afraid to exaggerate. Furthermore, voluminous skirts Hide HIPS area perfectly. This is a good advice no stress.