What do You Wear a Blue Denim Jacket with?

Color cloudless sky and warm sea – loving and romantic son. Jackets, namely blue jackets – trend this season. With such universal elements of the closet as a female blue jacket, possible to create a very stylish visuals. To take proper than to wear blue jacket, to remember what colors and shades combine blue dress.

What Colors Combined Blue?

The most appropriate is blue combined with black and white, gray, silver and dark blue, beige and yellow. These are the most popular and commonly used keyboard. But today is not necessarily stick to the classics. It is worth experimenting with colors and shades. Not only recommended combine blue with purple and shades. Here is a combination of blue with juicy green, light yellow especially suitable for summer clothes. Red and pink and perfectly matched to blue.

Let’s start with a classic – a combination of blue, white and black. Office style can be diluted just blue. Black or white dress on the body, classic heels or boats at low movement in cold weather – bright way to office. Also wonderful combination of blue blazer with the gray dress. Instead of dresses in the same colors you can choose skirt and blouse or trousers and blouse.

If the office dress is not too tight, can be worn easily dress of colored silk or chiffon. In everyday life this universal wardrobe detail combined with many things: jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses. Blue jacket can be worn not only in blouse – jerseys, T-shirts and jerseys are also great. Such casual clothes easy, convenient and always in fashion.