What iPad You Need to Have? [Vote]

Apple’s new iPads are landed. The reminder up and down in Apple’s range, some are better, others are cheaper. What do you have?

Apple Developer on the iPad’s form and functions, at the launch of the iPad Air 2. With a profile on just 6.1 mm is the thinner than ever. With a new camera, a new gold color, higher processor and Touch-ID gets you more than ever when you buy iPad Air 2.

Little brother iPad mini 3 convinces is not in the same degree. Except for the new Touch ID sensor and gold color, separates it from the predecessor.

If the budget is not for the big iPad, there may instead be money-saving, in the previous models of the iPad mini and iPad Air, as all now get a generous discount.

Are you contemplating the new iPad Air 2? Or would you rather jump on one of the previous iPads, now where the price is lower? Give your opinion below.