What is a Tablet?

Here on the site mobile phones we’re always answering the questions that leave readers in the comments. The last one was questioned about the usefulness of a tablet and is a very interesting question, because given the huge amount of functions of a cell phone, because we still need a tablet?

What is a Tablet

For starters, what’s a tablet? The tablets are portable computers that use operating systems for mobile phones, more geared for portability and low battery consumption. It has advantages of a notebook, as large screen and ease of typing and advantages of a mobile phone, since some connect to mobile phone networks. Have camera, wireless internet and thousands of applications to do everything you imagine, both work as fun.

The tablet can be used for work? Depends on the job. If your job requires mainly reading e-mails, view videos and presentations the tablet can be a good idea. Now, if you need to type too much or produce any content and presentations, the tablet may not be the best option. Some people get used to typing on the keyboard of the screen of the tablet but without doubt is not something ergonomic and should be used sparingly.

What tablet does best?

  • Reading: the battery lasts much and you read for hours. Books, PDF’s, feed (what is a feed?) manuals, recipes, whatever you imagine.
  • Surf the internet: reading is included here as well, but you can access practically everything on the internet from a tablet. Blogs, video sites, search and answer their e-mail.
  • Photos and video: in addition to the videos you see online, you can watch movies on your tablet, pictures you have taken or even online albums that have been shared with you.
  • Programs for all: there are thousands of apps (what a table app? see it on bridgat.com) for tablets, whether it be an iPad or any Android tablet.

In short, a tablet is not very suitable for mass production of content. If you spend the day writing is best to do this on a desktop or even a laptop.

The biggest advantage of using a tablet is consuming content, which is done far more interesting on the large screens, common in the main tablets on the market!