What is a USB Dongle?

Basically, a dongle is a USB device that allows you to add features to our computer that were not contemplated when it was designed or built. These features include the ability to add both by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth wireless, or even digital locks that prevent the use by third parties of our PC or applications.

In this article we will know the main types of dongles in the market, so that we can take them into account for arises the need to Add an option to an old computer or upgrade any device with features that keep you working a few more years.

As a general rule, a USB dongle is quite small, which ensures easy connection and location, is that won’t bother when transporting it or will extend beyond the equipment that connects it too. This virtue allows you to be used in all kinds of scenarios without presenting any problems. In addition, to being USB, in the vast majority of cases we don’t even need to install drivers, so are truly cross-platform.


The main dongles that you can find in the market are those of data storage, one of the best available ways of sharing data among devices of all kinds. This type of memories mounted inside a series of solid state, memory chips it which do not require power to maintain.

This type of memory over time have become popular for its capacity and cost, very economical. Thanks to these facts, the memory dongle have replaced optical as CD/DVD discs and other types of storage systems.

Connection via Wi-Fi

Another type of USB dongle that can be very interesting is that allows us to add wireless functionality via Wi-Fi. While most modern computers incorporate this capability, the truth is that older portable devices and the desktop PCs may not have this advantage.

The need to include in an old laptop Wi-Fi dongle is obvious, however in a desktop PC maybe not. Include a dongle USB Wi-Fi in a desktop computer would allow us, for example, add it to the network when its location does not allow it, for the wiring and other technical reasons.

Bluetooth connection

The USB Bluetooth dongles are great adapters that allow us to connect any type of devices to a network of personal area (bread). Currently, the Bluetooth standard has become in one of the most used in the world, due to its ease of use and for so-called capacity.

This type of dongles has become indispensable for everything related to the transfer of data between mobile devices without using cables, IE to communicate between computers, tablets, smartphones, printers, and others that have this possibility.

Other features more than interesting of a Bluetooth dongle is the offer the possibility of connecting headphones and simple hands-free devices and without the minimum knowledge in personal networking.