What is LED Cree

Cree is an innovator and leader in the production of LED lighting products, components and semiconductor products for power applications and radio-frequency (RF). Cree’s leadership began with the introduction of innovative materials, principally silicon carbide (SiC). The Cree spent about 20 years in the development of a number of new technologies that far exceed the traditional ones. Cree led a revolution in Commerce as for LED lighting.

This has meant that traditional lighting technologies seemed old and out of date. The Cree Led technology is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Cree was the first to bring to market the blue Led lights back in 1989. Today the Xlamp Led lamps have exceeded all industry standards for their incredible brightness and efficiency. Also these lamps were the first to be able to be used with Led technology for lighting large areas like rooms and commercial premises, as well as being used for the desk lamps and lighting of the streets!

Products for indoor and outdoor use

In addition, the extensive line of high-brightness Cree Led lighting has introduced new levels of performance for external video screens and decorative lighting. Recognizing the revolutionary potential of Led lighting the Cree in 2008 has expanded its product range by introducing the classic ceiling lights, which are brighter and more efficient, with considerable savings in terms of electricity.

Today you can buy Cree products via their retailers worldwide, direct customers of Cree instead include dining activities, and government agencies. After exploring the indoor lighting market in 2011 Cree has expanded its range of products for outdoor use. He made important acquisitions in this respect greatly extending its portfolio. At the beginning of his “career” Cree had a pretty classic lighting approach — has tried to adjust his lighting models in the apparatus for which they were not designed. This however was not the best approach that you could do.

A new vision

Cree has quickly realized that the best thing would be to produce a completely new lighting. Adapt their existing appliances lighting methods would have produced only more expensive appliances and not within everyone’s reach. The old way of thinking was no good, because you would not effectively apply new technology that Cree had in mind.

So Cree began from scratch, creating their own Led lighting systems thanks to its fantastic research and development department. Cree now designs is the Led light source and external bodies, the driver and optics. This to the benefit of energy savings and efficiency of the Led. The end result was amazing: The Edge. A completely new lighting system that can last for years, with an exceptional heat dissipation and efficiency in lumens per Watt amazing, everything has been packed into beautiful products, elegant and avant-garde.