What is Makeup Bronzer for?

Bronzer conjures up a fresh, summery complexion

The English word bronzer in German means “tanner”. There are the beauty products in different forms, they all give a fresh complexion or a healthy tan-and all without sun. Bronzing products differ essentially from self-tanning products. While self-tanning is chemically and permanently tanning the skin, bronzers can be applied as a makeup. After the thorough cleansing of the skin, the tanning effect disappeared. There are these products as powder to be applied with a brush, a makeup pencil or as a lotion or gel for the body.

What is Makeup Bronzer for


Bronzing powder and pins

Bronzer comes in different colors, suitable for all skin type. They are distributed over a large area on the face or on the body and conjure up a delicately shimmering brown complexion. They can be applied easily instead of rouges, according to a blog article. With powder products to accentuate the face and model, the desired can be achieved by more or less powder. Bronzing powder often include glittering particles, which make our skin sparkle and shine. The browning pins are applied mainly in the face, which have a covering effect and are suitable as makeup alternative. Depending on the desired effect, they are either applied only to individual parts of the face or applied evenly with a sponge or fingers.


Tanning products for the body

Abrasion-resistant lotions or gels are the best choice for a gentle or more powerful tanning effect of the whole body. You can apply generously and evenly and retract completely into the skin. After drying, clothes can be worn, tan will not discolor. To remove the products, use a cleanser or a shower gel. Bronzers for the body are also available with UV protection. So, the skin at the beginning of the summer can be simultaneously tanned and protected from UV radiation. Such products are ideal to make a good figure with soft tanned skin on the beach in a bikini at the beginning of the summer.