What Is Omission

Omission is a word from the dictionary used to classify an action of stop doing or saying something, that is, the person that you omit will not be lying, but will be leaving to speak a part of the truth.


Many people also use the word default with the meaning of to leave aside, overlook, or forget something or someone, it constantly happens with people who are in a relationship.

Omission is a word that has different meanings depending on the area it is worked out. When we are talking about Criminal Law, the word default is understood as something that is no longer done when the person would be required to do so by the decision of a Legal or even would be able to perform this action.

Thus, due to the legal meaning, the omission is understood as the contrary of the action, since the action is understood as an act positive that help, and the omission, in turn, is understood as the act was negative, that is, non-doing, that hurts, hides facts and stops a process.

To have a good idea of the meaning of omission in criminal law, negligence is the failure to take a necessary attitude to the minor of 18 years or a person with mental disability is prevented from acquiring a firearm, in the case of these weapons, if it is in your possession at the time in question.

In this case, it can be classified as a crime, provided for in article 13 of the Law 10.826/03. In this way, the omission, as the negative action, is a means in which evil finds open ports to proliferate.

Already in the case we are speaking of the Christian belief, the omission is understood directly as sin. To procrastinate or not do something today to make another day, especially when the question is to help the other person, is characterized in that religion as a sin.

In the same way when you enter a situation of default, such as for example getting drunk and not be able to in no way comply with their duty, therefore, at home, or in a distribution to which the person living in the same household and have obligations, it is also configured in christianity as being a sin.

We can show you now some of the synonyms for the word omission, these synonyms will reinforce the understanding of this term, they are:

· Negligence

· Indifference

· Oblivion

· Breach

· Loss of interest in

· Indifference

· Insouciance.

Omission of relief

It is understood as omission of relief, when a failure occurs to rescue someone. In the case of a road traffic accident, if the driver of a car for some reason run over a pedestrian and not to provide relief, he is committing a failure to rescue. In this case, is an omission of relief, because it is the duty of the driver who caused the accident to pay immediately the due aid to the victim.

This understanding is quite clear. Stop to help someone is considered a serious form of default relief, it is considered a crime that is planned by the brazilian penal code.

In this way, fits into also as the default, the act of negligence. We can give simple example for this explanation a case in which the doctor, for some reason not explained and is not apparent, leaves to meet a patient (or also, for some reason, makes a treatment unsuitable to the problem in which the individual is going through), in which case you can get to bring more problems in the future for this patient. In this specific case, this attitude of medical negligence is a crime, and also violates the very oath doctor, which becomes an aggravating factor for this professional.

As is provided for and contained in article 135 of the Criminal Code, any citizen lay or in the area of health has the duty to help a person who is rugged, or is in need, but with caution so that you do not put your own life at risk also.

Default own default improper

The omission itself is characterized as a crime that does not require a negative result of the action of omission that constitutes an offence.

Already the omission improper is when is the duty of the action in which it is necessary to avoid that an event with negative become concrete.

Omissions legislative

Omissions and legislative omissions, the constitutional constitute the same frame, that is, they are the same thing, and happen when in a country, its legislature refrains or acts in a way to procrastinate the development of laws that enhance or ensure the rights set forth in the Federal Constitution.

Omission stubborn

The omission stubborn is linked to the general ledger in relation to the lack of statements or of the financial statements to the irs, going on continuously or repeated.

Omission and a lie

Omission and lying are two different concepts among themselves. Same as that for the event of one, the other may be involved, because when we have the omission, the fact not to speak the whole truth or not tell all about an event, leaving a hidden part. Already the lie is when someone says or practices something that does not conform to the truth.

It is known as a omission of truth action to know something, but not talk about it, perhaps to protect one’s own interest, someone or a partner.