What is the Best Brand of Covers for Cell Phones? How to Choose!

You don’t necessarily need a dust cap for smartphone. I’ve had several smartphones for many years and have never used a dust cap. Personally, I feel like the outside of the device protection is already adequate. I also don’t like the mass of a dust cap extra on the device. I’d rather run the risk of getting with some small scratches than buying a dust cap.

What is the Best Brand of Covers for Cell Phones? How to Choose!

I would describe as a normal smartphone owner. I’m not overly cautious when it comes to my cell phone. I play my instrument in my purse, backpack, or anything else that I have at hand. I tend to slip it in your pocket and we know that even sit on my smartphone when it’s in your back pocket (I really don’t recommend this), using a protective film to the screen. But that’s just me. I know that many people feel more comfortable when your devices have covers on them. And there are plenty of good reasons to buy a Cape.

Cell Cover to Protect Against Falls and Scrapes

There are a lot of people that drop frequently your devices and many capinhas protect against these falls. In addition, it is a good idea to get a dust cap, if you plan to resell your smartphone at a later date to help defray the cost of a new smartphone. Small scratches and scrapes can devalue your device on the secondary market. So, if you can keep your phone in good condition, you’ll likely get a better price for it.

Custom Phone Cover

Another popular reason for obtaining a dust cap is simply to show some personal style. There are tons of people walking around with the same phone you have. Although I really don’t care much for this, some people care. A Cape offers you a way to add some color or style for your device to reflect your own personality.

Cover of Mobile Phone with More Features

In addition to protecting your phone and add a little style, some capinhas can improve the functionality of your device. For example, there are capinhas that allow the annexation of lenses for the camera of your smartphone. Other possible use of mobile underwater and some even add an extra battery duration.

Cover: Price

While the more sophisticated capinhas tend to cost from $ 100 to $ 200, other as good as can be obtained for less than $ 10 according to ComputerDo.

Cover: What’s the Best Brand?

Here are some brands that seem to be the forerunners in the capinhas market for mobile phones. Next to that, also we leave some tips for you to choose the correct dust cap for your user profile, even if it’s not of these brands.

Covers Incase

Incase offers capinhas to mostly Apple products for many years and is definitely a good brand, but it has changed a lot for the market. After all, more than just the Apple is on the market and even other competitors like Android and Windows, do not seem to be represented by Incase. In addition, while there are many great features of this product, such as construction and durable protection plastic corners, no real variety is offered in this brand. This and the price from $ 100 make this brand a good option, but not for everyone.

If you want a cover with several features, definitely the Incase is not the option for you.

Case Covers

This brand uses plastic or optional leather, providing a specific adjustment of the model, adapting the openings for accessibility to all functions of your smartphone. In addition, some of these capinhas go so far to offer protection against water and credit card slots. Although this product seems to be great, may be considered a little flashy for the typical Smartphone owner, but still continues to be a very good product overall.

To analyze the Case covers, the lesson is: know the features that you need in a Cape of cell phone or you’re just wasting money. This means that it’s no use buying a Cape of genuine leather with place to keep your credit cards if you are not using these holes.

Otterbox Covers

OtterBox uses a silicone material covered by a tough polycarbonate outer box, providing a secure fit and stylish on the phone. This description is on the travel series. OtterBox offers other types of series of phone covers that offer different levels of protection and in a price range of $ 35 to $ 50. This product will certainly provide reliable protection. Undeniably, the Otterbox may be the best to limit the damage to the Smartphone, but this cover makes the phone much bulkier to transport, which can be a deterrent for many users of smartphones.

More resistance to a dust cap also results in more volume and a higher price. But if you’re the type who lives by leaving your appliance fall, extra volume and price are worth.

Trident Layers

Trident covers offer a very vibrant phone cover for those consumers who are interested in variety and something unique. Much like the Otterbox covers, Trident covers use hard polycarbonate surrounded by a thermoplastic shell known as TPE. Something that defines the characteristics of Trident layers are the dust filters on the speaker outputs to malfunction, as well as a ledge for you to embed a cordon on the cover. All this, along with an approximate price of $ 100.

Here, it is worth remembering that the more customization, and features that you want for a phone, the more expensive it will be.

Body Glove Covers

Body Glove has the best technology when it comes to protecting the phone. Within the Cape is a resistant gel which helps in preventing scratches on the phone in case of a fall. Then they project specifically cover corners to absorb shock on impact and decrease the probability of damage also. In addition, the sides also has a system of bumpers to absorb even more impacts. Finally, a chemical agent incorporated is included to provide a protection against micro-organisms. There are several series of this brand, in a price range between $ 100 and $ 200.

With the Body Glove, we also learned that different protection levels have different prices, as well as different protection for different devices.

We want to just get one thing straight: run the generic brands and the unknown in the market. You’ll end up spending money that could be better invested. Here we gave a few examples of good brands on the market, but there are many others just as good as. Do your research and find the one that best will meet your needs.

Finally see a video with some quick analysis on capinhas x capinhas silicone rubber.

Have you ever bought a cover for your phone? What brand of its cover? Ever had problems by wouldn’t have the dust cap from your mobile?