What Shoes Match Your Jeans

The jeans are those clothes that both women and men can not use. Its versatility is so great, that you can use them both extremely informal outfits and slightly more formal occasions.

The key is what kind of footwear used as described in smber. It is not the same to go with jeans and sneakers to the office that go with jeans and patent to a children’s party shoes. Therefore, today we have prepared for you a guide that will help you match your jeans to perfection.

What is your favorite combination?

1. with casual shoes

When we talk about casual shoes we refer to many options, from the classic loafers to the sophisticated nautical shoes. You can serve this combination to take to any party or gathering with your friends. The key is to all your look take not-so-elegant clothing.

2. with sneakers

A more informal combination and super comfortable. The jeans with sneakers are those combinations that can be used in more informal situations and those days where you will have to walk a lot. You can use a simple t-shirt to complement your look.

3. with boots

A slightly more formal and elegant combination. Excellent to take to the office or events that have a little more than tag. You can highlight this combination using a blazer and a shirt buttons. This combination is preferred by many men.