What to Buy for Him for Valentine’s Day

The day of love is coming and many times we stayed on the fence than give away to our boyfriend, right? And thinking about it that I decided to pick up a few key pieces that I think it’s worth you give away as well as use now in winter it can also use in other stations and are still timeless pieces.

Let’s start with the leather jackets biker that every man has to have in your closet because it leaves any look more stylish and stripped. Today with so many choices of them, there is no way appease any style. I got two kinds of jacket, the normal black and a gray with a mixture with other fabric.

The Plaid Shirt is also another part that I like a lot in men and there are many options of it that is hard to dislike. I got two ways to use it:

With vest, another piece that’s cool to give away and there are several options of it as with leather, denim, nylon, sweatpants …(see the blog article)

With a coat of fine mesh that gives a hint to the composition and is a good choice for half a season.

The colorful pants also came with everything and make the look more creative, I particularly like them a lot, of course, if your boyfriend is more discreet you can give a pair with a color more closed, as a green for example, or if your boyfriend likes to dare, can abuse with more cheerful colors, I think it’s super cool and gives a color this winter even more when you use with the leather coat , vest or with a black trench coat.

I got 4 types of different colors for you to see how to assemble enough looks: grey, blue, mustard, dark green.