What to Consider When Buying a Backpack

Kyle helps you in thoughts to buy new hiking backpack. How hard can it be to find the right hiking backpack anyway? Does it make a difference if I’m going to go abroad or to remain in Sweden with the backpack? 50 or 100 liters?

What to Consider When Buying a Backpack

Kyle Zou is hardware specialist on Arctic fox, that means he works with every day to develop tent, sleeping bags and backpacks for future generations of hikers. Today he shares his best tips for you that are thinking of purchasing a new hiking backpack on Aviationopedia.com.

What should I think about when I’m going to buy a hiking backpack?

– If you are going to buy a backpack, you can ask yourself several questions to make sure you get with you the right backpack for your specific needs. Think about what your needs are and take the opportunity to enlist the help of skilled personnel in an outdoor store near you if you are not sure or have any questions.

Kyle‘s checklist when purchasing backpack:

Ask yourself the following questions before selecting a backpack.

  1. What should the backpack for? You should have your backpack for hiking in Sweden or even for backpacking and adventure travel abroad? Do you need rain protection or to protect your flightbag backpack and its contents? The ability to lock your backpack?
  2. How heavy loads, you should go with? Heavy compaction allows you need to set higher requirements on rucksacks carrier. Your new backpack should sit comfortably on the hip and back shall be adjustable for your height.
  3. What is it you’re going to have with you, how much space do you need? You can choose between hiking backpacks that can fit anywhere from 50 litres up to 100 litres.
  4. The trade, straps and pockets are important for you? Different models and brands of backpacks have different accessories and details. Do you want to be able to take off rucksacks cylinder head and wear that magväska? Would you have detachable side tray? Do you want to be able to carry a water system and for the water hose in front of rucksacks?