What to Wear at Home

To stay in winter home you put the Tutone and furry slippers? If you live alone, as far as I’m concerned, you can also shoot naked or sprinkled with feathers, but if you share the apartment with other human beings (roommates, parents, boyfriend) maybe it’s time to make himself presentable. Here are 7 outfits that are best avoided and socially acceptable alternatives.

  1. The rabbit-shaped slippers. They are so cute. They are soft and furry. Do sympathy, if you have 11 years. Too bad that instantly kill the libido of any man. I found out the hard way when my boyfriend, one evening, he said: “The problem is not the rabbit. They may be of any shape: the word flip-flops I limp”. Or if you like to keep your feet in the warm, put Ugg (or similar).
  2. The socks grandmother. A nice pair of wool socks has never killed anyone, I think. It depends on the type of socks. If they did the Punic Wars, are filled with dots or are threadbare on the heel, throw it away immediately. Alternatively: put a pair of thick woolen socks beautiful and colorful. I’ve got a pair with under slip feet in rabbit form. Ok, I admit it, I’m obsessed with rabbits.
  1. The chamber ballet shoes. Are commercially species of chamber dancers: resemble a pair of cotton dancers, with a base of sponge. I’ve got a couple that never because if I put the word “flip-flops” the limp, let alone the dancers. Alternatively: go barefoot!
  2. The flannel suit. There are all kinds of suits, from triacetate (a prehistoric relic of the 90’s) that are on fire as soon as you approach the stove, the anti-sex Ikea Family designed for a lifestyle Swedish. I imagine that the Swedes are the whole time naked in the sauna or in the garden, soaking in a tub of steaming water surrounded by snow, and in neither occasion need to wear a suit. Maybe they use them to dust the furniture. Alternatively: there are cute suits fitness or dance that are right for you.
  3. The plaid. I do not know if you can qualify as a plaid garment from ThreerGroup.com. In a way it is, if like me you like to sink into the couch and inside a blanket, leaving only tick off the toes and head.Put like that I look like a large chrysalis chenille. Not that I care much about what you think my boyfriend of my cocoon mode: in those moments the only thing that interests me is to stay comfortable and watch a movie in peace. If you want to have a sex life, however, best avoided. Or: do as I did, buy a plaid Scottish tartan done in Highland from grannies octogenarians. Pinch as the accident, but it is stylish.
  4. From unicorn suit. A brief introduction: I have always loved the costumes. When I found out by Urban Outfitters sell a Tutone in unicorn formI do not understand anything: I had to have it. I asked my boyfriend if he wanted one too, maybe from the flying squirrel, but he launched into a series of anathemas against (in order): my mania for Tutone, my mania for disguises, my craze for imaginary animals. To preserve my self-respect I decided that I’d bought the same and would put me to stay at home when he is not there. Miley Cyrus has had the courage to dance with him a unicorn suit if she does, we can do it all. Alternatively: avoids to throw 60 Euros for bullshit like that and spendine 245 to buy a set of Danish lanterns, bowls and tea and breakfast on a design e-commerce as I did that day.
  5. The pajamas. Unless you have 39 of fever, do not think the case to stand all day in their pajamas. Alternatively: better from unicorn suit, looks…