What to Wear for Sports Day

We see in detail what are the right clothes to wear when practicing sports


Those are sure to be the most comfortable and seamless: can be long, if you attended for example the hall with the machinery for the strengthening of the muscles where the movements are rather “static” and constants. Shorts or leggings instead are more suitable for those who want to face the treadmill for a brisk walk or a run. It is important, however, always be careful in choosing trousers made with quality fabrics and although attracted by bright colors, check that the garment does not “Sam” and not lose the color.

Even your pants or shorts antiperspirants or acrylics, can cause problems, because the sweat is not well absorbed and stagnates on the skin, creating unsightly rashes. For fitness (aerobics, step, modern dance etc defined by getzipcodes.org.) are fine shorts, tights or leggings.


Short-sleeved shirts, cotton, often are usually the ones that athletes wear at the gym: they are comfortable, spacious and allow you to move with agility.

They are used by training in the halls with the machinery, while for spinning (a sport where you ride on a stationary bike on Earth), it is easier to see the “cyclists” dressed in colored vests, often elastic, but almost always consist of nylon.

You need to choose them well, because in this case the problems that could result from bad posture (created from shoes) are really numerous and difficult to solve.

First the shoes that you use for any sport should all necessarily have an insole: never use those totally low because in this case the repercussions arising from the movements are not “muffled” and can cause muscle tension and back pain.

  • For muscle strengthening exercises are given simple sneakers (strictly with the insole) because the movements to be performed with the legs are very few.
  • For fitness, instead, it will be good to use shoes that hold the ankle, because in this discipline are quite fast and quick movements and distortions are a problem almost daily for many people.
  • Finally, for lovers of biking there are marketing shoes with special attacks that are embedded on the soles that integrate smoothly with attacks that usually the bike have.


Talking about fabrics, in addition to cotton (which has the advantage of being a natural fabric skin transpire, but if you sweat a lot you will have noticed that it remains wet feeling on the skin) and synthetic (very used to the ability to wick away sweat, but an obstacle to proper transpiration) there is a new way of doing sports talking about eco-clothing: new fabrics combine positive characters for sports lovers.

The Tuscan company H-earth has recently launched a line of clothing suitable for sportsmen.

The fabrics which characterize it are the same as the production base of the company, it is e-fibers, low environmental impact and keep skin healthy ideals and the intimate one, even during sport.

The sports line of H-earth consists of tops, leggings, wide shoulder tank top and rowing machine, but you don’t have to limit ourselves to wear it during sport: the characteristics of these fabrics are suitable for those who have skin problems and does not tolerate synthetics, who loves the environment and wants to eco-friendly fabrics and for all those who seek well-being accompanying sports and everyday life.


To skin the fiber of corn starch, gives a pleasant sensation of fresh and dry, not too hot and drains the sweat to the outer layer (generally wooden or bamboo fiber). The outer layer absorbs liquids up to 30% more than cotton, leaving your skin breathe and reducing considerably wet feeling.

The starch is soft to the touch, does not irritate the skin, reduces bacteria and reduces odors, latter prerogatives, and fundamental for those who habitually practice sport. It is therefore fabric which incorporates the advantages of both fibers (natural or synthetic) eliminating the disadvantages.