What to Wear in the Travel Backpack

Diego is going to India for three months. Cristina takes advantage of your holidays to exit two weeks to know Brazil. Fernando has just finished school and goes Camping with friends to the sierras de Córdoba. They differ and that resemble their luggage? What should be in your backpack?

This question is answered with some criteria but also is good experience. So this article will help you to settle that doubt.

A well-prepared backpack is not it made for a tour of capitals of Europe backpacking, adventure sport, camping in the icy mountains, travel to go to a concert or a holiday with cultural purposes in the city.

You must adjust your baggage according to the activities you will perform during your trip to be as selective as possible.

Remember the two rules of the Backpack:

  1. Be selective ultra
  2. Pack ultra compressed.

Now, it should not be forgotten that we will surely reach to walk with the backpack and sometimes hours long. It is not recommended over require the load capacity of one. Weighing too much without proper precautions can cause back pain, Herniated, or lesions in the joints of the feet and knees as well as mistreat shoulders unnecessarily.

Follow these tips to decide what to wear in the Backpack:

  1. Eliminate the unnecessary and superfluous things. Serves you serving for a week for a month.
  2. Once your backpack weight have become the main burden of your trip. Get your weight the more bearable and comfortable possible.
  3. If you have personal hobbies such as photography, playing guitar, do crafts, read books, listen to music or play video games carries your equipment and accessories but do not forget that you will have to pay the price with more weight on your back. Ask yourself whether it is really necessary to.
  4. Weather sends. If it’s cold, it takes shelter. If it’s sunny, it carries blocker. And thus by the style. Find out about the time in each city, asking other travelers on mochileros.org forums or reading in the local news.
  5. If you are travelling in a group make use of to bring things of common use and distribute the weight according to the capacity of each. (stoves, tents, utensils, food)
  6. It avoids putting liquids or delicate items. It carries a small additional backpack for that sort of thing.
  7. Place your clothing sorted and compressed into plastic bags so that it is easier to get what you need from the backpack. Roll your clothes and puts all that enters small bags.




Uses this list just to get an idea of what you’ll need on your trip. If these 110% sure that will it need: take it. If you think it could be useful, but you’re not sure, don’t take you it. That you about space does not fill it with anything.

Camping equipment:

Tent, insulating Matra, sleeping bag, air mattress, lamp, lantern, Grill, inflatable pillow, kitchen to gas, pot, frying pan, lighter, can opener, plastic bags.

Trekking team:

Bottle of water, sunscreen, hat for the Sun, shoes from trekking, stick aluminum, lightweight clothes that are not cotton (gets wet and does not dry).

Exploration team:

Knife, Pocket knife, compass, binoculars, gps, lighter, release notes, pen, ropes, a bottle.


Camera, tripod, lenses, cleaners, flash, batteries, chargers, adapters usb, memories or portable drive to save photos.


Health and first aid:

Repellent, sunscreen, decongestants, allergy, desinflamantes, band-aids to wounds, a girl band for stomach cramps and menstrual pads.


Depends on the climate, and you go you need to rotate and go washing during the trip. Move to the top, moults to the bottom, underwear, bath or any special event (e.g.: snowboard)


Toothbrush, toothpaste, sachets of shampoo and SOAP, medium towel, sandals, mirror small, bar soap for washing clothes, dental floss, towels, hygienic, tampons, toilet paper. (remember that you can get them most of these things around the world, do not have to be always in your backpack)


Knives, ropes, can opener, binoculars, Radio, flashlight, covered, rates glasses and dishes, gloves, glasses.


Books, video games, mp3, guitar, laptop, camera, cellular.

Electronic and technology:

Chargers, batteries, memory, adapters, plugs, transformers, antennas wi-fi, headphones, extensions.


Travel insurance, passport, vaccination certificate, drivers license, special permissions, identifications, tickets, reservations and tickets.