What to Wear Mid Season

It would be wonderful if we could divide our wardrobe only in winter and summer, but unfortunately I can’t. It would be more practical, but as we would be in the autumn and spring? Typically, these seasons not too cold, not too hot and temperatures can fluctuate a lot during a single day.

The solution and be well prepared before you leave home for work in the morning. Normally the temperature at that time is warm and a little cold. However, when we’re getting close to the time of noon temperatures tend to rise and the wind-chill factor, too.

What are the looks that more combine?

The ideal is to wear pieces that bring you comfort during the day. The jeans is the Joker of the production because she home well with almost all the parts you want to place. It is best to wear a clothing cutter and always be accompanied by a beautiful jacket to go on top in the cooler hours. See other looks cool for this time of the year to confusion of the closet.

Dresses and skirts

Both dressed as skirts are great to be used at any time of the year. You can use a looser model and be very well accompanied by a beautiful Cardigan or kimono. A leather jacket also looks really good in a most romantic production making an elegant contrast.

But I’m staying in the cold with the legs. Negative! You know that you’re pantyhose in your closet waiting for winter to arrive? You don’t have to wait that long to use it, you can start right now. The more opaque and black colors leave your legs more thin, while the fluted lengthen the members.

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Pieces such as races, t-shirts and 3/4 sleeve sweaters are ideal for the half-season. They can take comfort and lightness and are great to keep up with coats and other accessories that make you more warm. You can also make use of long sleeve button shirts that have built-in buttons and turn her into a 3/4. This model is great because you will always be well prepared for any whim of mother nature.


They are perfect for use in casual environments and for night out with friends or go to the Club. As these pieces tend to draw enough attention ideally the costumes below is more basic. Use coats over jackets or vice versa is also not very interesting.

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Sweaters and cardigans

They are elegant, charming, romantic and beautiful. The pieces are scatter symbols that you need to have in the wardrobe because they can compose a look more elegant or more relaxed. The sweaters can be used as unique pieces with Pantyhose and well marked at the waist with a belt.


They can be used in any season of the year, but are excellent for mounting the look of mid-season. It’s another play Joker because you can use it to get to work and keep the costume more professional or fold your sleeves, transforming them into 3/4 and have a more relaxed atmosphere for hanging out with friends.

Dress comfortably

It’s always nice to combine the comfort and convenience of the pieces look interesting and that enhances the your body. It ain’t no use to wear a long sleeve shirt and be dying of heat in a little late, especially if the air conditioning in the Office decide to conk out. Another nice piece to take along with you is the scarf. He leaves the visual quite interesting and can protect from the cold at any time, being convenient to be taken anywhere.