What to Wear with Green Sandals

Green – one of the most modern colors of summer. In fact, many shades of green, emerald, olive, mint, malachite and many others. It is the color of nature itself. And his presence in the locker room every girl necessary. He found that post wonderful color and shoes. Irreplaceable thing this summer sandals are green.

What to Wear with Green Sandals
Stylists unanimously considered a sign of bad taste combination of shoes and bags to match. Bright green sandals – is an independent element of the suit. They will make your image of an individual and unique. Make a set of freshness and originality.


This pair of shoes can be both heels and went low. A small pin, thick heels stable green wedge sandals – the choice depends on the intended image. Still in vogue platform. And green platform sandals undeniable trend of the season.


Material summer shoes can be very different. Green suede sandals, leather made from textiles. Designers use all their imagination to please the capricious women of fashion. This summer fashion pressure in reptiles, coloring in python, green metallic. Every girl will find a few to taste.


With what combination of green sandals? Enough to complement the image of accessories in green tones and bright, original kit ready. But the most interesting-looking black sandals with other footwear that color. For example, complete classic cut jeans or bright colors combined with green sleeveless blouse and sandals Wedge-currents. Or dress with floral and green elements, thin strap plus green green sandals. Airport chiffon gown with asymmetrical mint colored skirt and several deep and rich green high heels. Options, what to wear sandals green, you can make a bundle. Experiment. These sandals will not leave you unattended.