What To Wear with Leggings to Work

Leggings, tights, they also enjoys today, the next peak of popularity. For the first time in Russia, these stylish and comfortable tight pants appeared in the eighties. After some time, they were forgotten. Today it is difficult to find a woman of fashion in clothes that do not take the place of honor leggings. Comfortable and elegant at the same time, tights can fit harmoniously in almost any style, making them very popular, popular accessory.

However, despite its versatility leggings are quite capricious article of clothing, and if you want to emphasize the dignity of the figure, if you want to be always in the limelight, you have to learn to choose wisely and leggings combined with other clothes.

The rules to be followed when choosing tights when combined with dresses, skirts, blouses, not so difficult, but adherence to these guidelines will allow you to stay on the crest of the fashion wave.

So, first, you should try to objectively assess their figure. Leggings – not the best option too thin or too lush representatives of the fair half of mankind.

However, by using some tricks you can learn to visually correct figure flaws. Given the characteristics of the figure, you must select the model and color of the wedge. Remember that vertical stripes, patterns, dark colors visually lengthen legs, while lighter shades, horizontal models, large cage made shorter legs and complete.

After decide the color and pattern of leggings, you can take the top of the wedge. If you choose color, bright leggings, then at the beginning should be detained modestly-in this case, the ensemble will be harmonious. Conversely, tights neutral colors best complement to be colorful, bright top.

Moreover, the choice of the top of the image will depend on the length leggings. So if you bought tights mid-calf should be looking at long T-shirt, shorts, mini skirts. If leggings reach the ankles, the perfect complement to them will be paid (in particular, dress-sweater shirts) skirts of various lengths, tunics, sweaters.

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Leggings knee can afford only the girl with the perfect shape of the feet. In general, it is better to choose leggings, a length greater than the length of the tip. The ensemble of dress and leggings of the same length, it seems, at least, absurd.

Do not forget that leggings are replaced most of tights, not pants, because too short and worn with leggings-not the best option.

However, if leggings are very dense and are more like trousers, then you are given more freedom in choosing the length of the upper, thick leggings are quite harmoniously combined with not very long ride. Also, choosing a narrow leggings, remember that it is not suitable for light summer things by air fabrics and thin leggings will be combined with hot dresses and sweaters.

As for shoes, in this regard, there are virtually no restrictions on the designer fantasies. You can successfully combine leggings with boots without power, high-heeled, closed shoes, boots, ballet flats, sandals, gladiators and so hereinafter. However, in this case is no exception: a duet “leggings and sneakers ” and “chaps and open sandals ” are not the best option.

These leggings are very versatile garment-you can wear them to work / school, and on a romantic date, and a nightclub. Very often today, leggings are part of tracksuit-indeed, it is not only attractive but also very comfortable garment that does not interfere with movement and allows you to focus on sports activities to the fullest.

Huge selection of wedge models on the market today erases all restrictions design fantasy: Classic simple and plain leggings, bright, eye-catching, leggings with different prints, lace, leather, leggings, more like pants, shorts of varying lengths. Among this diversity it is easy to find a version that can be harmoniously complement almost any image, whether it is romantic, office or sports… Recently, many popular leggings adorned with various ornaments-be it laces, straps, pockets and others.

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Over the basic rules that you should consider if your wardrobe has a place for leggings.The rules are not complicated, but adherence to these guidelines will allow you to be always in the limelight, always and in every situation, to feel easy and comfortable.