What You Should Not Wear in Summer

There is a reason for which there is the “beach look” definition. If you stay in the warm months in the city to work or study, read carefully what you must not wear.

  1. Avoid the flip flop rubber. Pool shoes and rubber flip-flops should be avoided like the plague. The alien effect fallen from space is immediate. Are automatic & dirt from the sidewalk. Donate to walk the grace of a duck.
  2. Forget to wear the heads in synthetic fabric. Synthetic fabrics are a godsend when you have to iron, that prevents you to do it, but they can punish you and send you to the circle of hell if you dare to wear them in the summer. Transpiration cleared. Stinking proliferation of bacteria and unpleasant scents. Glistening red carpet under the scorching sun.
  3. Bypasses shorts inguinal are summer garment par excellence. To go to sea, in the meadows, at concerts. Certainly not during the day, at work, on public transport. Apart from the meticulous care of the daily waxing, the pomp of the thighs in the city is not between the demands of a family doctor, while the risk slip in world vision is always lurking. If you really want to wear them, do you get to mid-thigh.
  4. Escape from shoulder transparent bra. Like in a horror movie schlock silent sprouting from under tank tops complicated, improbable twists cotton, dresses from the neckline Years 50. And glitter like beached jellyfish on sweaty skin. One more tip: bare shoulders do not match for any reason a bag with chain strap, the effect splatter torture would be assured.
  5. Do not be the pareo seducing. Especially after Monday weekend at sea and on Friday before traveling, stay away from the lure of the pareo sarongs. Nothing “Come on, tied it good tight, my legs are tanned, so I’m cool, I wear it in many ways like a vacation”. There are wonderful wraparound skirts on Hyperrestaurant with flying able to cover yourself and dress properly.