What’s up, People: Band or DJ to Liven up the Party?

Among all the preparations for his wedding (which, let’s face it, it’s not so easy), the song is one of the most important things to take into account. Can you imagine the wedding without the soundtrack that animated the life of the couple during the dating? Or a selection of songs that don’t make any guest to get up from the Chair. Is stuck in right, future Wifey.

All we of taofeminino want most is that your big day is success, both for you and for your guests. For that, we give the safest way that will make you choose between the flexibility of a DJ and the animation that just a band can bring. Who knows, after our tips, you can even consider the two?

“It’s a matter of taste, there is no right or wrong. Those who prefer DJ, it’s usually because I wanted to hear the songs in the voice of the original singer, because I like electronic music. Have band is cool by the interaction with the guests,” says Fernanda Floret, specializing in luxury and ceremonial events and the blogger in a wedding dress.

Band: Pros and Cons

Sidney Lima, responsible for band M7, which is in the market for 12-year marriage, says that the big advantage in choosing the band is the “human material”. “The band interacts with guests, the singers are always putting the crowd to sing along, the bride and groom go up on stage. With a band the possibilities are many, “he explains.

But, when choosing a band, some things must be taken into account: first, you need to evaluate the infrastructure of space chosen to host your party. If you think he carries a band (for this, you must search for the attraction that has more to do with your ceremony), can move on.

Search what is the style of the group you chose. The M7, for example, is quite eclectic: pop, black, swing, rock, axis and funk are on the set list, which lasts about 5 hours. There are options of bands to please the taste of all kinds of couple, just take a good research. The Ambervision, in turn invests in a more classical playlist.

“Another important detail that the bride and groom usually forget is that it is the responsibility of the couple provide a dressing room space, food and drink for all members of the band,” endorses Fernanda. Moreover, pay attention on the values: hire a band, demand more structure and a larger amount of people, tends to be more expensive than a DJ.

Stage, dressing room and structure required to connect all equipment are essential for the investment in the band works out. If you prefer, set up a rehearsal before the day of the party, so any requirement made by the musicians will be answered in time.

Despite being 12 years DJing, and there are 6 play at weddings, Rodrigo Mantega is also in favor of the presence of the band, but with a caveat: “I think the DJ is the ideal cocktail party on. At the ceremony, a mechanical sound takes the emotion. I’d rather see a choir or band at the entrance of parents, godparents and engaged. I’ve done some ceremonial marriages, but, my, it would be ideal to have a choir,” he says.

DJ: Pros and Cons

Zé Pedro, famous DJ in the universe of celebrities, disco for over 20 years and play at weddings there are at least 15. For him, “Not just fun people, like a ballad. The DJ plays a wedding party needs to know that you are creating the soundtrack to a historic moment. My goal is to get people to remember that moment every time I hear one of the songs I played.”

In choosing a DJ, the most important is the conversation. “Are always made with the bride and groom and advisers, to get every briefing, time and motion,” said Mantega, who was chosen to play Latin singer’s wedding, held at the Copacabana Palace and today is one of the most scaled to ceremonies of high society. Do not forget to introduce the party space for DJ so it can suggest the amount of speakers needed for your presentation, in addition to control runway lighting as correct, explains Fernanda.

The time that DJ passes on the pick ups, also varies. The basic set of Jummat lasts 1 hour and a half, but that’s negotiable. Mantega touches on some parties from start to finish. In others, shares the lead with a band and have the events where he is the main attraction, with greater emphasis. What the bride and groom want? “Varied Repertoire, commitment to schedules and, most of all the ‘feeling of the track’,” explains.

In questions to choose the best DJ? I’m looking for a reference, recommendations of friends and professionals. Quality equipment is essential for the party to occur in place.

About Values

As we have already said, the band is usually more expensive, due to the structure and the number of members. The M7 snake in the range of 12 1000 real, but this varies-if the ceremony is outside of São Paulo, if the marriage is still a long way from happening, etc. Mantega has values that start at 4 1000 real and go up to 6 1000, which also depends on the period in which it will play at the party, and if the bride and groom are known from the DJ or not.

What if I Want the Two Attractions?

It’s your party, face reader. There’s nothing wrong in choosing both a DJ and a band to put the crowd to dance.Just be aware of some details: make both talk about the music played, the song will not be repetitive.

The best thing is to start with the band opening the track, and then summon the DJ to liven up the party until coming to an end. So, learn to plan the “Ballad” is a good asset.

Other attractions in addition to band and DJ, can also be exploited by the bride and groom. According to Fernanda, samba schools are no longer so high currently, but have you considered betting on a trio of chorinho or a jazz Quartet, for example?

“May be the best band or DJ in the world. If the bride and groom are not on track, the guests will not animate,” emphasizes the blogger. “The first interested in that all works are engaged. In addition, the energy of this audience is great, because all were willing to have fun and celebrate the happiness,” complete Jummat.

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