When to Wear a Red Dress

Red is the perfect color for women who want to dare and pull out their femininity, showing off a gritty look, chic and sophisticated.

When to Wear a Red Dress

Red, sensual color par excellence, synonymous with passion, royalty, glamor and style. In all its shades is considered the most glamorous color in the fashion world and is loved by all women because, you know, with a red dress is not passed unnoticed.

Has a strong emotional charge, it is a warm color that attracts, is elegant and daring, gives a charming and sensual allure to those who plan to make their mark. For these and many other reasons every woman should have in her wardrobe a red dress!

It is a difficult color to wear, especially if it’s a dress because the risk of being wrong combination and be out of place is always lurking.

When wearing a red dress?

The red dress can be raised if the event to which you have to take part takes place in the evening, perhaps in a fashionable location, whether it’s a cocktail party or a party among friends, to feel super glamorous and special. Yes red dress if you have to take part in a formal event where you want to feel the original, sophisticated and, why not, super sensual.If red is the color of love and passion, the green light to red clothing, short to medium length and maybe with lace details, to spend the evening of lovers in the name of fashion. Elegant and cheeky, hot and gritty, red is the perfect color for putting the emphasis on the forms and give off a sense of determination and confidence.

A red dress can be matched according to hair color and complexion. If you have very fair skin and blond or brown hair red it is the perfect color to wear especially in ruby ​​shades, because it emphasizes the features and warms up the complexion. Instead, if your complexion is more olive will be better to opt for darker shades, such as burgundy or red marsala, for another big trend this year, as declared by Pantone.

What are the right accessories to match with a red dress?

If you decide to wear a red summer dress, the fundamental rule in the choice of accessories to match it is to stay on the simple. From bags to shoes, through the jewelry until you get the make-up, nothing is left to chance. Remember to opt for non-intrusive accessories that give yes a little ‘contrast to your put it without sounding ridiculous, because the focal point is the dress.

If your dress has an important cleavage, or are strapless will be better to opt for a black shawl, in order to create contrast, or opt for a brooch gold or silver to be elegant, romantic and utterly sophisticated. However, if yours is a more rock style advice it is to choose a dress with straps, narrow at the waist with a black belt band to create contrast and to emphasize the waist. For a lot more bold and aggressive full effect your outfit with biker boots and a leather black jacket for a really glam-rock mood.

Another tip is to match the red in soft colors, such as cream, beige, ivory, or nude. Even black is a good choice because it creates a mix and match elegant and very cool. Another good choice is the ton-sur-ton, so yes to the totally-red: red dress to wear along with accessories of the same shade of color, the perfect way to feel stunning and be really trendy.

FORBIDDEN is white, would not want to look like Santa Claus? The brown and fluorescent colors are banned. Because? Remember, red is already a color over the top that draws attention, so it is better to choose it in combination with the lighter colors, it is always better to avoid the rainbow effect.

As for the shoes, black is the perfect color. If you have a stylish and elegant dress is the perfect choice décolletés black, perhaps the beloved Louboutin red-soled to pick the color of your dress. If your goal is to dare, then opt for shoes, strictly with the heel, silver or gold, giving brightness and elegance and make your outfit sophisticated, feminine and truly ethereal.

To top it all is the choice of handbag and jewelry. Choose a simple bag which would incorporate the same color of the shoes, clutch for the evening and shopping-bag for the day. For jewelry always choose simplicity, a point light is ideal to create an outfit feminine and ultra-chic. To be avoided are the chandelier earrings, totally inappropriate and too intrusive.

Even makeup can not take second place in the choice. To enhance your face applies an enlightening and a foundation that matches your complexion; Eye uses a peach-colored eye shadow if your outfit is elegant and sophisticated. For a more aggressive look, opt for the effect smokey shades of brown, or on cooler hues like gray or beige color to a deep look and really catchy. For lips matte red lipstick it is the perfect choice if you want to get noticed, or if you want to lighten up your outfit, a lip-gloss or nude-colored with soft and delicate nuance is definitely the right choice for you.