Where Can I Buy Pillow Cases?

Silk pillowcase is one of the best natural anti-aging treatments and hair care. Dermatologists advise a natural silk pillow case to avoid wrinkles produced by sleeping with his face crushed against the pillow. Buy a pillow of silk (silk cushion cover) case, you can get shiny hair and skin soft.

Skin Silk Pillow cases are different from traditional cotton pillow cases, silk pillow covers can remain moisturizing and reduce wrinkles while you sleep. Pillowcase has a balanced pH which does not absorb the moisture of the skin or which comes from creams and serums. The amino acid containing silk is also beneficial for people suffering from itchy skin, such as eczema and rosecea. Silk Pillow can relieve aching muscles and joints, even stimulates the circulation and digestion when sleeping. Silk is also hypoallergenic, therefore it is the best choice for allergy sufferers. The strands of amino acid also helps prevent frizz and split ends. It helps to give a smooth and shiny look from the moment of awakening.

Where to buy Silk Pillow?

Lilysilk pillowcase

Lilysilk is a professional silk, silk specialist store. Sold several silk bedding and clothes to sleep in different styles. Silk Pillow covers are made of silk from mulberry 19/22/25 Momme in over 30 styles. They are available also personalized pillowcases. In addition there are decorated pillowcases (pad of silk pillowcases). Lilysilk doing its utmost to offer the best products of silk. Free shipping from €35.

Up to 20% discount. in pillowcases silk in Lilysilk.

Sleepsilk pillowcases

She is available only pillowcases 19 momme Oxford style with an edge of 5cm, is dispoble in 6 colors. Made of thin Mulberry silk with a count of threads of 400, Oxford style with an edge of 5cm

Insilk pillowcases

In insilk there are 4 styles of Silk Pillow case: case cushion of Oxford (2 units), Cushion cover silk silk side opening, 2U case cushion of silk Leopard 2 units, 2 Zebra silk cushion cover units. Insilk sells pillowcases of silk in 2 units.

Maos pillowcases

Of Maos silk pillowcases are available in Epillowcases, they are made of 100% natural Mulberry 19 pennyweight. Silk pillowcase is a product which exudes and acquires the temperature of the body in a natural way. They’re available personalized pillowcases.

Ikea pillow cases
IKEA does not sell silk pillowcase. IKEA pillow covers are made of different materials, such as cotton, polyester, nylon. With these simple materials, ikea produce many different styles. If you like modern and simple style, pillowcase Ikea is a good choice.

El corte Inglés pillowcases
El corte Inglés pillowcases are in fact cotton, polyester, bamboo, satin etc, are available in various styles, there are no Silk Pillow case either.