Where to Buy a Bathing Cap

Find bathing cap that fits your needs

When you jump in the water, it is important that you have a shower cap that fits your needs. A shower cap can be used to reduce resistance in the water and to protect hair from chlorine water and sun. It is essential to achieve the right fit and thus avoid bathing cap off wrinkles. In this way, you can get a more fun experience next time, you need to be in the water.

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Become faster in the water and protect the hair with a shower cap

The right shower cap reduces resistance, so you get a better experience in the water. The smooth, water-resistant surface allows the water slides around the head, and thus does not stop your progress. A shower cap in good quality ensures a high comfort and perfect fit, so it feels comfortable to swim with. bathing cap also protects the hair from chlorinated water, so your hair will not be worn if you swim a lot. Do you have long hair, there are special models that fits this, so you’re still achieves an optimum comfort.

The right material gives comfort and comfortable fit

Bathing caps are manufactured in different materials, each of which has its advantages. Below will help you to choose the right material for your exact needs.



Most bathing caps are today made of silicone, which is a very durable material, which provides long-lasting durability. You achieve optimal comfort with this type, which makes the fantastic comfortable to wear. Silicone material makes in addition, bathing cap will be easier to get on and off without the river for much of the hair, which is a great advantage, regardless of whether your hair is long or short. Silicone models can be used by everyone, but it is particularly well suited to competitive swimming.



Another material is latex, which is a much thinner and lighter material than silicon, which means that it is not near as durable. It is therefore particularly important to take good care of this type. On the other hand, you can achieve better breathability, which is optimally in higher temperatures.



Lycra is a third material used for the manufacture of bathing caps. Lycra is a drug and thus keeps the water out in the same way as the other two materials. It means that the resistance also increases. On the other hand, is the fabric very manageable and you avoid that the river in your hair, when you want it to on and off. This type is most suitable for training, or as sun protection.


Tips for affixing a bathing cap

Be careful with sharp fingernails, jewelry and hairpins, which can destroy the bathing cap, when you take it on. If you have long hair, it is a good idea to put your hair up in a tight bun. Consider using an elastic band without buckle.

Expand the bathing cap with both hands, where 4 fingers are inside the hood and both thumbs on the outside.

Start at the forehead and then pull the bathing cap over hair and down toward the neck.

It is important that it is snug, but the feeling should be comfortable when you have applied it correctly.

If sitting hair outside, you can always put it under eventually.


Extend the life of your shower cap

With these simple advices, you can even ensure that your shower cap lasts longer:

Rinse the cap in clean and cold water and let it dry in a cool place after use.

Avoid storage in direct sunlight or with sharp objects.

Sprinkle possibly talcum powder or baby powder in and on bathing cap when you store it. It absorbs the moisture that can result in bacteria or get it to stick.

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