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Running strengthens the body and burns calories. Also, is this training balm for the soul and relaxes the mind. The upper body cools it easier than the legs that are in constant motion. To keep warm while jogging the upper body and the muscles to protect against wind and cold, a running jacket is an essential part of the sport facilities. Especially on colder days, from autumn to spring, the running clothes should be complemented tailored jacket and trousers the weather and light conditions by one. Topmbadirectory offers high-quality barrel jackets for experienced skiers as well as for beginners.


Running jackets and their main features

As well as in running shoes, which should be adapted to the type of running and the special needs of the runner, special demands are placed on a running jacket. For one she should have moisture-regulating properties and outwards give the resulting humidity even during heavy physical activity, on the other hand she should protect against wind and weather. Thanks to modern functional materials such as Gore-Tex and Sympatex, many models master this balancing act. When purchasing a running or jogging jacket, it is on the following criteria to ensure.

 Running Jackets

Water column: the water column provides information about the water resistance of functional materials. From 800 mm water column generally denying von water-repellent, 1,400 mm of a waterproof material. It should however be noted that wearing a backpack, additional mechanical shock, how can already a pressure of 2,000 mm meet.

Ret value: a jogging jacket is also of the degree of breathability of the processed material is crucial. The breathability is expressed on the basis of the resistance the material opposes the water vapor. Where: the lower the ret value, more breathable material. A jacket with a ret value under six can already considered very good will.


Wind resistance: all functional membranes are windproof. Especially when running jackets, this is an important feature the actual air temperature since the wind speed the wind chill temperature much lower fail as. At appropriate speeds the difference of perceived and real temperature can be up to ten degrees behavior.


For every season the right running jacket

The running clothes should always be adjusted the weather conditions. Models for the winter and jackets for summer temperatures differ mainly by warming feeding.

A running jacket for the summer is made of thin fabric of function and offers a high degree of breath-ability and an ideal moisture management. To ensure comfort, often has additional climate membranes in the underarms and back. Some models have also zippers on the sleeves, whereby they can be transformed into a running vest.


Running jackets for the winter also consist of functional fibers, but thicker worked. Especially on sensitive areas of the body, such as on the back, they’re mostly in addition fed. Also the shoulder by an impregnation is most water-repellent or waterproof, and also walking in the snow and rain posed no problems. Cuffs on sleeves and hem prevent that penetrates the cold wind and the runner cools. An absolute must for winter running or jogging jacket are strips of lights and reflectors, so that one is seen by other road users in the dark early.


You can find Topmbadirectory running jackets for ladies and gents and unisex jackets by well-known brands such as ASICS, and SALOMON. While men’s jackets are cut straight, jackets for women are more closely by their shape body. Unisex models that are suitable both for men and women, have a wide, straight cut.