Where to Buy on the Net?

You live in a city where there’s no specialty stores for backpackers and adventurers?, or do you want to simply shop for the intenet. Thinking of you and many backpackers the Brazil site of Mochila.COM decided to put an end to this problem, we have selected below some virtual stores and brands of equipment for you to search for the best price.

Some Online Stores:

Check out down some shops and their respective websites. Among the sites and search for the best price.

Bow and arrow – The store has products divided into categories: adventure, climbing, diving, shooting, tennis, Nautical/Beach and sports.

Trails and Directions- This site is the mark trails and directions and also the virtual shop with dozens of products

World Earth- Find here Backpacks, shoes, tents, sleeping bags and more.

Rocket- The Rocket makes a search in several stores. Place for example in the word search Backpack and will leave a price comparison.

Cioccari- In the shop you will find fishing goods, camping, eco-tourism and leisure at Zipcodesexplorer.com.

Cameroon- The store has all-cargo and small backpacks, bags and purses too buy.

Some brands:

Check out below some brands and their respective websites. Among the sites and read more about each manufacturer.

Kailash- Site in Portuguese, Spanish and English, the site shows their products like: sleeping bags, clothing, accessories-in addition to the technology used for the manufacture of backpacks.

Did- Site in Portuguese-learn a little more of the brand Did, much used and already traditional in the market

POC- Site in Portuguese-the Poc’s more than 20 years in the market in order to “make the lives of adventurers and sportsmen more smooth and safe”

Timberland- The Timberland was known for doing good hiking boots. The Site still has other brand products

Mountaineering-Conquest Site in Portuguese-the site we may have information about the company, products and retailers.

Montana- Site in Portuguese-still works as a store brand virtual Montana

Hands-on and start researching equipment, but remember that not always the most expensive is the best. Find out more “Cost-Benefit”