Which Mobile I Buy With 800 to 1200 Real?

This week a press Darling sent me an email looking for help on which phone to buy. Many people ask me about this, and it’s not just readers of the blog here. As the questioning this time was far more specific, found it interesting to share with all my opinion. Already advance that there is no type of promotion sponsored one or another brand or technology in my reply. Everything you said is just my opinion technique, based on my own experience in the subject.

Which Mobile I Buy With 800 to 1200 Real?

The message sent was:


How will you?

Alex I’m in desperate need of his cunning technology! I need to buy a phone and as I don’t know much about technology I can’t consider very well cost x benefit of the appliances.

I’m willing to spend 800 to 1200 R$ R$. I want to make a good investment, because I’m not a person who leaves a lot of cell phone, just need to seize the opportunity and buy something really worthwhile.

I confess that I have my eye on an iPhone, my boyfriend and I I love get his loan.

But before I go there in the store and buy wanted a lot of your opinion because I know you like Android. Soon I want to listen to various opinions.

Well, that’s it. I count on your help, I hope you have a little time for me.

Big kiss.

Below is my answer as completely as I could do without fail to be objective.

Good morning all right? I don’t have an iPhone at the time, but all the people I’ve seen who use them, they didn’t find many real advantages on an Android of the same price.

Not that an iPhone is a bad device, but the Androids apparently has more flexibility, are easier to use when connected to the computer.

Using an Android, your smartphone will appear as if it were a flash drive when you turn on your computer. It is much easier to copy files from computer to phone. On the iPhone you need iTunes to do simple things. You’re practically forced to have software installed on each computer to do something that is done natively using an Android.

A simple example: If you have hundreds of pictures on your iPhone and you want to download on a computer there inside you can be tricky if you do not have to install the

See also with your sister what she’s finding her Android. As you have the option to compare, spend some more time in the decision-making process and ask them (his sister and her boyfriend) a little class on each of the devices. Ask them what they think the best and worst in each one of the devices. If you want I can help you on this also. This will make all the difference, because regret every day of a purchase so expensive is not good. Considering the value that you want to spend, you can buy a large number of models of smartphones sold in Brazil, soon other questions are necessary.-What is the main use of the appliance?

-want to read books over the phone?

-you want a big appliance?

-the big screen is interesting for you?

-will use a lot the recording of videos?

Apparatus for using social networks, emails, and need not be expensive so Whatsapp. Can cost less than 800 R$, for sure. What else makes the phones is a larger screen, and that usually come with a quality camera. So you need to know the actual usefulness of the device.

For some time we put here on the blog Mobile phones an article discussing x iPhone or Android (or iOs) and also advise reading the same, because you can really help you. This article is less comprehensive than this response, but can help to make a decision based.

Continuing and already considering the answers to the above questions, the doubt is restricted basically to the purpose of the device. I use my cell phone functions to the extreme, but it’s not the case with all who seek to buy a smartphone at Computerannals. We do below each item separately.

The Camera Phone Needs to Be Excellent?

I use the two cameras of the Galaxy S3 to make videos of tours, professional videos, and even to do reviews of GPS applications. I need a quality camera and yet she let me in the hand. You don’t have to write well in dark environments and even videos with a lot of movement. On the other hand, the high resolution camera is totally unnecessary in photo sharing on social networks or on shipping by Whatsapp. For these functions the device has a camera, and the devices in this price range already has interesting cameras.

My advice: If you’re not going to need the camera to do lots and lots of videos, don’t buy an expensive device just for this, because a good camera usually comes with a better screen and more expensive, subject of the next topic.

The Screen Being Great is Always An Advantage?

When the appliance has a good camera, in general the screen is also great, with good contrast, brightness and color fidelity. If the screen is not great, it’s hard to convince the user that the camera is good. For this the manufacturers always put quality screens when the camera is of quality. Of course there are exceptions, especially in lesser known brands.

In my opinion, the big screen is important when you want to read books by phone. It’s a market dominated by tablets, but I read books on Galaxy S3 and I find it very good. But I advance that is not always simple to find PDF or digital books that you want to read.

For all other functions, the smaller screens are sufficient. Even with GPS navigation does not require a screen so big, as you might imagine. Generally, to get out of the car with my wife the GPS navigation for braces, a Motorola GT-I8150B (Galaxy W) with 3.7-inch screen is more than enough.

But the big screen also brings some problems: requires a better and more expensive battery, which still could last less than a worse battery in a device with a smaller screen. Let’s talk about the battery then.

Battery Lasts Little is Not A Good Idea

Who buys a smartphone for the first time often get scared with the shorter battery life. Used to recharge the battery of the device every 2 or 3 days, with a smartphone any nowadays, it is normal to have to charge every night. At best every 2 days, if the use of the product is minimal. Considering the heavy use throughout the day, the battery won’t even last long.

The big screen is draining battery power. See the chart below, which shows the battery consumption of my cell phone in the last 19 hours. In the last 12 hours he was virtually without turning on the screen, and yet how little screen was linked consumed most of the battery charge. Summary: big screen makes the battery last less, sometimes much less.

My advice: If you will need the device all day and doesn’t need a large screen, cherish a good autonomy. Nothing worse than running out of battery at the end of the day, that moment when you’re coming home and could use the time to catch up.

The Brand Make A Difference?

Yes, the brand makes a difference. Designing and manufacturing a mobile device requires research and thousands of patents. Unknown brand appliances are sources of problems. The big brands have technical assistance and work better. Buy cell phones of Chinese brands, generic and without regulation in General is not a good idea. Not that all of them are bad, but the price difference may not offset the lower battery durability (usually spoil faster) and the headache in case of maintenance. Look for a brand that has technical assistance in your city, if you need will be easier to use.

But even the brand being important, care must be taken not to pay only for the brand. Unlike buying clothes and fashion items, buying a cell phone can be based entirely on objective comparisons and techniques.

But Then? Which Mobile I Buy?

I’m not going to do here in this article a direct indication of this or that model because they are indications that become outdated very quickly. Consider see models of people known and, if meet your need, purchase an equal or very similar. Nothing better to buy something by indication, already knowing what you will receive.

As every item of technology, mobile is outdated after some time and makes little difference if it’s a model faster or slower. The time of Exchange will still depend on your need. Even buying a cell phone and he being under used, you may need to buy another sooner than if it had a more modest unit. Similarly when buying a cheap phone maybe in 2 years you want a device better, and have more knowledge and money to buy something more complete.

My first smartphone was quite modest for the time when I bought and have not regretted nothing. I learned a lot from him and when I bought a better one I already knew to use all the functions that it offered. I just made the switch of the device because he failed and the repair was more than half the price of a new unit.

I see many cases of people who invest a lot of money on a smartphone and never use the functions offered. Is one of the worst ways to use the money on technology. Just like buying a car, buying a cell phone is almost never an investment, it is usually an expense, soon to be done considering the cost benefit expected.

I hope this article has helped you in your decision to purchase a smartphone that meets your needs. Even without cite templates, I tried to focus on the decision points that I consider most important.