White Bikinis for Sale

Beachwear for the summer 2016 is rich with proposals: bikini, trikini and accessories really glamorous and trendy.

Summer is here and it is time to determine what are the most glamorous trends for this season.

Bikini, trikini, swimsuits and accessories, we are all looking for the dress code coolest for our days on the beach.

When it comes to beachwear this summer is really spoiled for choice in the models is in the fantasies: flowers, stripes, animal print, boho-chic style and fringes.

As for the costumes we have a wide selection of colors and models, bikini, whole or trikini thanks to beautiful proposals for brands such as Tezenis, Calzedonia and Zara.

But it does not end there, because the swimwear is not just made ​​of costumes but also includes accessories and beachwear: straw shopper bag to store everything you need for the beach, hats and sunglasses to protect from the sun, flat sandals, denim shorts and light and comfty dresses.

Having said that we have to find out all the best proposals for summer 2016!

The costumes

Bikini or one-piece swimsuit? As every summer we women are fought in the choice of costume.

First of all we must remember with Bikiniwill that it is not true that the white bikini is the leanest and the swimsuit for the most shapely, because everything depends on how you feel most comfortable with and your look.

The secret? It lies in the choice of the most suitable model to your style! (Discover all the tips for the fashion neophytes).

For lovers of the bikini there is a wide range of models, available in vitamin colors and striped patterns and floral or with delicate and feminine ruffles.

Most trendy bikinis are classic and timeless triangle and the band.

An example? The proposal signed Tezenis, Bandeau Bikini fantasy African ethnic multicolor, or the beautiful triangle pattern green water Mango, with a delicate pattern along all edges.

For costumes all have a piece of the whole models and trikini, bicolor or color block and fantastic tropical-inspired floral patterns like the beautiful model from Zara top with a wrap front, while for those who love beautiful classic colors is the model Tezenis in total black.


The beachwear for the ‘summer 2016 is rich in denim shorts, light clothing and comfty, kaftans from almost impalpable texture and delicious top.

We have several proposals all interesting and super glamorous suitable both for the beach and for a day by the pool.

The long dresses are ideal to spend a wonderful day on the boat, while the green light to the beach mini dress, sarong, mini skirt or the practical and comfortable denim shorts.

Beautiful for a day in the pool is long dress signed Oysho, sleeveless and with tropical multicolor printing, and to spend a wonderful day at the beach is the perfect kaftan white fringed signed Mango.

Or for those who love the convenience we report the shorts Tezenis comfortable and very trendy, like the denim model with scuciture or the blacks and asymmetric shorts viscose.


The sea it does not go without the right accessories: a large bag to store everything you need, the sunglasses and a beach hat.

In addition, the bags by sea as well as being roomy must be made ​​with materials resistant to the sun and water, so the models in raffia, straw and plastic are the most suitable.

Ideal for the sea are the shopper bag; we point out the straw model with nice tassel on the front signed H & M and raffia bladder bag by Zara.

Other basics for the beach are sunglasses, perhaps with mirrored lenses such as the proposal signed Mango, and wide-brimmed hat to shelter during the hottest hours.

For shoes at the beach go-ahead and spadrillas and flat sandals, comfortable and very practical, such as low sandal with straps gold, a super feminine and delicate template, or the black espadrilles with decorative metal rings.

Having said that we have to choose the most suitable outfit to your style and your way of being to live a summer glamor and fashion!