Who are the Plus Size Fashion Models?

Jean-Paul Gaultier and John Galliano were the first to hire large size women to parade with their designs in 2006.

The Gibraltarian repeated in 2011 and ever more firms are expanding their carvings, signal that fashion is not a question of size. Here, we show who are the models plus size which is more talked about and if you want to know them, click on this photo gallery.

Inga Eriksdotter is Icelandic and a cream sportswoman: practice surfing, yoga, volleyball, swimming and skiing, logical that has a voluptuous body and bundle.

Who are the Plus Size Fashion Models?

It was cover of Vogue Russia in March 2010 and has been image Elena Miró, one of the most popular brands of large size, and other beauty, Clarins or Wella. In addition, she holds a degree with honors in finance and actress.

From the US edition of ‘ Glamour ‘ touched it with a magic wand in 2009 and she chose her for the cover of their issue Body Revolution, Ashley Graham has not stopped working. Then would come the controversial spot lingerie Lane Bryant brand and its award to the model of the year Full Figured Fashion Week in 2012. In addition, designed for the Canadian brand Addition Elle.

Although your name and your misleading, Julie Henderson is closely tied to Spain. Was born in Seville. He graduated in Marketing at the University of Notre Dame and made his first steps in the world of interpretation on Broadway. He has also worked with signatures of fashion and beauty, as H & M and L’ Oréal.

Danielle Redman grew up on a farm in Iowa and started in the world of fashion with 14 years, when a headhunter crossed with her in a shopping mall. Despite being one of the most beautiful plus size models, has confessed to having self-esteem problems. “I work every day to love myself, feel good and be happy,” said. It has paraded for Elena Miró at the Milan Fashion week and not have regrets when you Sin with some sweet. “You don’t have to feel bad if you eat an Oreo Cookie, as often I do the life is too short for limitations”, he said.

At first glance, Laura Wells has no aspect of model curvy, but has your size is between the 42 and the 44. He has studied Science Medioambientales and from social networks tries to educate their followers on the importance of preserving nature. Cooper St and the specialized in sizes XL, Lala Belle are some brands that has lent his image. Even a store of Australia took as reference its body to create their mannequins.

Denise Bidot loves her body and it shows when it comes to posing, especially when she does so scantily. He is Puerto Rican and for years gave his image to Forever 21, Lane Bryant, Old Navy and Macy’s. Denise was one of the protagonists of the reality Curvy Girls and is single mother.

Lily Cummings uses any excuse to wear hearts on your tumblr, full of sexy photos. It is high and very voluptuous, and in addition to model, isphotographer and published his work in ‘Vogue Italy’.

Girls Cover In ‘Vogue’ Italy

Marquita Pring was one of the protagonists of the famous cover models curvy who published the Italian Edition of Vogue in June 2011. He is 23 years old and is very proud of her body. “Be happy, be healthy, but above all have confidence and have a positive attitude”, are, according to Marquita, keys that have led him to be a girl with curves and without complexes and star in an advertising campaign for Levis and paraded for Jean Paul Gaultier’s 2010 in Paris. The model has confessed that once had added filler to your hips to look more voluminous.

Robyn Lawley is an icon in the world of fashion plus size and recent picture of violet, the line of plus size size handle. Like Marquita, he also appeared on the cover of Vogue Italy curvy models, and was the first mannequin of size who starred in a Ralph Lauren campaign in 2012.He dislikes is pointy you. “I have the perfect body to be a plus size model neither more nor less because I am wide Constitution. “That Yes, hate that hang me that label as a woman, not like professional, because it seems demeaning to me”, explained in one to The Guardian. “The curves or the lack of them should define the universal prototype of beauty and say how thin is ugly find it me equally serious, harmful and unacceptable that the opposite”, said.

With Candice Huffine, cover of Vogue Italy number of curves , not going that to wear loose clothing. “For years they laboured to us clothing big and wide heels but they favor us more tight-fitting clothes. “Personally, I tend to wear short dresses because I am proud of my legs.Style rocker, I will the jeans skinny and abuse of black. “But not doing it appear slimmer, but because in New York, people tend to dress in dark tones”, he confessed to the magazine SModa. Huffine has starred publishers ‘W and V Magazine’, ‘I-d’, ‘Harper’s Bazaar’, the German edition of ‘Vogue’ and is the image of Torrid.

Tara Lynn is one of the models of large size most requested the planet. When he beat his obsession with losing weight, thanks to the phrase that gave a girl who cared, he realized its potential. “I love you like, although my friends laugh about you because you’re fat”, it said.Comment affected him so much that he began to cry. Then thought: ‘ enough, now I’m a diet. He lost 30 pounds and was a size 42. ‘Elle’, ‘Glamour’, ‘Vogue Italy’ put their eyes at Tara, which was image of the bath line of H&M in 2012.