Who Invented It: Mascara the Beautiful Mabel

What brothers do not do everything for their sisters:In order for this to work with the swarm, TL Williams has invented mascara for his sister.

Who Invented It: Mascara the Beautiful Mabel

At the time of Cleopatra, a thick layer of carbon dust was applied to the eyes to protect themselves from the “evil” look.In ancient Greece the eyelashes were painted with cork for aesthetic reasons.

What we call today as mascara (Italian word stem machera = mask) was invented in 1913 by the chemist TL Williams for his sister Mabel. Mabel was unhappily in love and her brother wanted her to finally catch her swarm. He coalesced coal dust and vaseline, founded the company Maybelline (word of honor: Mabel and Vaseline) and Mabel conquered their boss.His product was a huge success and expanded into a successful cosmetics company.

By 1957 the ink had to be removed from a block with a moistened brush. Only then did Helena Rubinstein invented the viscid mascara in the tube with integrated brush following Healthknowing.com.

In the meantime there are mascara in all possible variants, with super-volume, extreme momentum, different brushes, waterproof, black, brown or blue – no matter, in the Beautytäschchen it belongs in any case to the absolute basic equipment.And all this we owe to Mabel and her enthusiasm …