Why Buy A Nokia N97

The Nokia N97 is a spectacular, one of the most modern launched by Nokia. As owner of a Nokia N97, buy this unit was one of the best purchases that I performed. The phone has almost all that can be expected of this device category.

Carl Zeiss on Nokia

The N97 ‘s camera has Carl Zeiss lens of 5 Mega Pixels with auto focus. The photos taken with the N97 are really sharp. In addition there is also a powerful flash that ensures good quality pictures even at night. Without a doubt I can say that the N97 stall with some CyberShot camera models sold by Sony.

The videos recorded by the N97 also don’t leave something to be desired, being of a very good quality, above reproach when it comes to a cell phone. The videos recorded by the N97 not pass the impression of being “mobile video”. Not only has optical zoom, which usually does not exist in the cell phones yet. It also has 2 cameras, one of them for use in video conferences.

Another important item of the N97 ‘s camera is that it starts very quickly. Simply open the lens protection CAP that in less than 2 seconds it is possible to take a picture or shoot! Very fast! You know those times when you need to shoot in time? In some cheaper cameras, time to call is so great that makes such pictures. With the N97 you can shoot almost instantly!

Nokia Touchscreen

Big screen and touch-sensitive is another really cool feature of the N97. The screen has great resolution and brightness. Good contrast even in the open, as it is automatically adjusted by the ambient light sensor device. How much more clear, clearer environment is the screen. In dark environments, the screen brightness is decreased to conserve battery power and do not obscure the eyes. The N97 has a full keyboard, but with the touch screen using the keyboard is often optional. All the buttons and menus can be accessed directly on the screen and, at the time of typing a full keyboard is displayed. Simple, efficient and easy to use!

Nokia Keyboard

Keyboard under the appliance, sliding, QWERTY! The N97 gives a show of ergonomics on this keypad built in! By sliding the screen to display the keyboard, the screen goes on a angle of 45 degrees, making the preview while typing. In addition this position is too good to leave the appliance standing on a surface to watch videos. The keys are well spaced with relief and excellent tactile sensation. Are also illuminated. Typing numbers and special characters and uppercase is facilitated because the shift key as in any computer keyboard. There is also a central button directional, very useful for games and navigation control.

Nokia Speakers

Auto stereo speakers with volume and fidelity. Unlike the Chinese phones that extrapolate in decibels but lose in fidelity, the speakers of the Nokia N97 provides excellent sound quality. Everywhere audio N97 is good. Even using the headphones it is noticed that the audio quality is superior to other models on the market. Coupled with the FM radio and the possibility of maintaining 32 GB of movies and music into the device, the sound system of this phone makes it perfect for use multimedia!

FM Transmitter Nokia

FM transmitter! I kept asking myself what would be the use of the same, but the car is excellent. You can get the audio from the phone to be sent to the car radio. This allows you to watch movies and listen to songs that are on the phone with the power and sound quality of your car! It may not look it, but it’s pretty cool! Just using to view!

Other Qualities of the Nokia N97

Standard connections for headphones and charger make N97 even easier to use and compatible with existing peripherals on the market. Can be loaded while you are connected to the computer, something you do often to download your photos and footage and organize your music library and movies.

Communication WiFi, 3 g, Bluetooth and many other! Being on a wireless network or via 3 g or GPRS connection from your carrier, you will always be connected to the internet. The connection speed is excellent and is very easy to manage which connection to use. The microphone of the mobile phone Nokia N97, with great noise cancellation, can even be used as computer microphone without missing anything in relation to the best microphones on the market.

Maps and GPS released, including voice navigation! The N97 GPS coupled with the Nokia maps software guides you with voice commands through the city’s streets. Just search the address and switching on the navigation system. Does not require internet connection for this, all the maps and addresses are stored within the device itself.

Thousands of free apps are available for the N97 and Symbian. With 32 GB of memory of N97, space for applications is what will not miss!