Why Not Choose a Quality Led Lighting?

  • Making energy savings.Consumes up to 90% less electricity than the current light sources.
  • 90% compared to conventional halogen lamps and tungsten and 50% efficient compared to light bulbs and fluorescent lamps, while maintaining the same quality of light.
  • It is ecological in the manufacturing process (low energy consumption), as well as in recycling (96% of the material is re-usable).
  • Ecological destruction – is funded by a recycling fee for each lamp, tube and lamp.After the end of life can be placed at collection points of WEEE, or at branch offices.
  • In case of breakage does not emit mercury and heavy metals.
  • True color parameter Ra> 80
  • LED provides an immediate 100% performance, instant start luminous flux and full of light intensity, no delayed start lights – LED NOT CFL energy-saving bulbs (compact fluorescent lamp).

  • LED blinking (no eyestrain).
  • LED emits soft and pleasant quality of light, whose quality is comparable with daylight, which is far less burdensome to the human eye, so it does not burden the health as other types of light sources.
  • LEDs without UV (ultraviolet) radiation and heat loss (has no influence on painting and fabric).
  • LED does not attract insects.
  • LED light is no component IR (infrared) radiation (also suitable for illumination of food).
  • LED has a low emission of light (low thermal emissivity) – bargain especially in the summer months (savings for air conditioning).LED thus unnecessarily does not heat illuminated objects.
  • LED destroys diffusers and plastic covers of lighting fixtures, so that the aging is minimum (best seen in old luminaires with tubes according to the site) …
  • LED light source spreads constant luminous flux.
  • Power up to 125 lumens / Watt and the beam angle of 360 °
  • It offers a range of shapes bulbs are also suitable for open luminaires.
  • LED has a long life, up to 60,000 hours.
  • Durability is not reduced by repeated lighting of (on and off).
  • LED brings savings in maintenance, because these resources “crack”.
  • LED is robust and resistant to shock and vibration,
  • LED products are Posvit.si with first-class chips Epistar and Cree.
  • INOXLED products with superior warranty three years and replacing piece by piece.
  • Short payback time of the amount of energy saved.

LED technology provides significantly lower power consumption, offering long life, easy to install, LEDs are maintenance-free and modern design.

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