Will be Android and Nexus 6 Presented Later Today?

Yesterday evening and night took the rumors, Android and Nexus 6 L may be presented when the Americans wake up.

While we have been sleeping soundly, is part Americans have been convinced that when they wake up later in the day, then it is to news of a fully developed Android L and one, or perhaps two, Nexus devices.

Yesterday evening and night there are rumors spread in the American press that Android L, Nexus 6 and perhaps also Nexus 9 will be presented today.

The upcoming Android L’s existence and improvements are by now well documented, as all who had the courage, could install version 5.0, while it has been under development.

What nickname for Android L will be remains a mystery, although a little part pejer on Lollipop, but also pops up Liquorice. Google tend to tease a little, and this time is no exception, so according to this video, as there are several names in the game, also Letuce head (lettuce head).

The rumors about Nexus 6 and 9 have also increased, and their specifications are expected to be similar to the following:
5.9 “display, 2560 × 1440 (QHD) resolution
Snapdragon 805 processes
13mp rearcamera, 2MP front camera
3200mAh battery

Tablet version for about 9 inches, can have the following hardware:
8.9 “screen, 2048 × 1440 resolution
64-bit Nvidia Tegra K1 processor
8MP rearcamera, 3MP front camera
weight: 480 g

Someone with good tips for how we get awakened United States, so we can see the goodies?