Will Facebook Buy BlackBerry?

Rumor: are we to believe the rumors, so can a possible purchase of BlackBerry might be on the way from Facebook.

Mobile industry buzzes with rumors and speculation every day, and it is not all the rumors that holds water, but sometimes it’s good enough. One of the latest rumors is that Facebook has interest in acquiring all or parts of the BlackBerry.

Facebook has long been interested in strengthening their presence in the mobile market and now believe the rumor so it can be done with a stock market buy-back of the BlackBerry.

Top executives from BlackBerry should allegedly have been flown to California in secret last week, where meetings with top officials from Facebook should have taken place. It writes our site. However, it is, according to the Wall Street Journal, unclear what the meeting resulted in the — none of the companies want to comment to the newspaper.

Wall Street Journal believes, however, that the meeting between BlackBerry and Facebook once again fueling speculation that Facebook is on the road with a smartphone.