Windows 8.1 Lands Today-Start Button Is Back

Update Windows 8.1, today will be available to users all over the world of Windows 8 and is a free update.

Windows 8-experience be improved today with update for Windows 8.1, which among other things offers a more personalized PC experience and more and better applications and services directly from the home screen.

-“With Windows 8.1 we build further on the vision for Windows 8, which, in particular, is about to deliver a complete control system and intuitive interface that is easy-to-use across the many new and innovative devices available on the market today-whether you are looking for mobility from tablets and hybrid devices, or if you are looking for productivity from a laptop or an all-in-One-pc , “says Martin T H, Division Commander for Windows in Microsoft Denmark. 

Something many users have requested Windows 8 is the “old” Start button-this returns in Windows with Windows 8.1. In addition to the Start button is back, as is the SkyDrive has become more deeply integrated into Windows 8.1, as well as new and improved features, among other things. a new search function.

Windows 8.1 update will be free for users of Windows 8, but it will also be available as separate software at retailers from d. 18. October.