Winter Clothing Maternity 2017

The cold spell is noting at all points of Spain and that winter practically has not just begun… So the only thing we can do is resign ourselves, take it with philosophy and think positive: pregnancy is easier with cold with heat, we can enjoy evenings at home with tea and a blanket and there are rebates! !!

It is the best time to do shopping without leaving home (or take a walk if you’re a daring that dares with these temperatures and these rainy days) and wait for the best fashion maternity this winter 2017 as described in with sales to come to you as if by magic… Or go by courier;-P

The best tricks to dress properly when there is low temperatures:

  • Dress in layers, in a way that you don’t ask a single garment very thick which depend on all of your outfit, but wearing a pair or three of garments that you can play along the day and so be comfortable in any situation. For example, a couple of layers that let fixed throughout the day now is at home, in the office, etc… And a thicker layer that you can add in a point in time or to move the stay where you are if you’re going to be exposed to a temperature change. And of course, a good coat.
  • Harbor strategic areas of the body such as: neck, hands, feet and head. The turtlenecks are your allies since, in addition to zillion, they will help you to keep the temperature and prevent that are you cool down the throat. Use gloves and socks of materials that will help you preserve the heat and do not forget to wear hats to go out, it is very important to get the head keep good temperature to keep the feeling of cold on the body.
  • Pay attention to the compositions of the garments that you use to get warm, then is not so important thickness as tissue from which they are made. It is desirable that your jerseys and jackets carried something of wool in its composition.
  • It is not necessary to give up on skirts or dresses, simply take them with appropriate stockings that you trick.

There are many reasons to love winter clothes

  • It is the most tasty to carry, so pleasant, soft and warm.
  • The same items can make you get very different outfits. In Mit Mat Mama are very fans of overlapping items, we encourage you to play a little bit with your blouses, pullovers, dresses…
  • We can use number of accessories such as foulards, scarves, collars, vests, belts, etc… Things in which it is worthwhile to invest a little to help dress up any look with a twist.
  • Why deny it? Winter clothes helps to hide defectillos. Covering a little bit here and showing a little there… bang… you’re perfect!

If you’re still not convinced to join the team winter comes into our shop online or stop to see us for any of our stores in Barcelona and Madrid maternity and sheets your favourite pieces at the best price. Remember: Rebates won’t last forever, you have to be quick.

You are still in time to take home incredible chollazos with the quality and design that you’ll only find at Mit Mat Mamá.