Women’s Fashion Winter: Kamaleoa Fashion

The brand of women’s fashion winter inina Kamaleoa stylist’s involvement arose Beth Corrêa with fashion and beauty world, through your experience as miss and your life. When creating your clothes and your style, aroused the interest in people by the beauty of the pieces.

Then came the idea of launching your own brand, a casual and urban fashion focused on practicality, with affordable prices, comfort, quality and beauty playing the best trends of the fashion world. An outfit is made with dedication and thinking always that each woman is unique and like the Chameleon is always turning.

Women’s winter fashion designer Fashion Kamaleoa 2017 presents winter trends for the tropics and so bet on a color chart, democratic enough pormete please even the most demanding consumer. In addition to the strong and vibrant colors warm the cold temperatures of winter, it is possible to find and nude neutrals such as parts in camel shade hit of the winter season.

In 2017 the Kameloa winter collection Fashion, you find casaquetos, blouse with Princess sleeves, sweaters with hood, turtlenecks, cachequer. The brand developed for this collection tricoline parts with elastane, modal, viscolykra, blend, mesh plot, viscoflex and taffeta crystal.

Check out some photos from the winter 2011 Winter collection of Fashion Kamaleoa