Women’s Lightweight Summer Jacket

Jackets summer helps girls meet style, even in hot weather. Summer fashion to this type of clothing today kind, and women can choose a jacket in a huge variety of models, which manifests itself not only shaped but colors.

Models Saving Jackets

A key feature of the summer in the fact that in large part they are sewn with short sleeves. Hoses can be in the form of with assemblies (PhysicsCat) or classic. Girls with higher growth better to stop the choice of classic sleeve, and here low growing suitable long sleeves with extended shoulder.

Some summer jackets with 3/4 sleeves or long, but they are made of lightweight fabric that in hot weather comes discomfort.

Lightweight jackets are varied fitting:

  • Belts. As a rule, they are thin, with a smaller keyhole.
  • Buttons. In summer models the minimum number – no more than three.
  • Band or belt-through lines. These options romantic style, and girls, as a rule, tied them in the form of banta.

Color fashion lungs pidzhakov

The annual white jacket – the most popular option which is suitable for all the girls without exception. It can be designed as a holiday, and the average increase in employment.

Now fashionable bright shades, so carrot and tomatoes jackets can meet quite often to those who follow trends.

In addition, cool shades also are not forgotten designers: for example, Kira Plastinina in the new collection created two versions summer pidzhakov: turquoise striped jacket and striped carrot. Both are very bright jacket and two color solutions allow you to make a choice modnitsam.

Tapeworm also very timely, especially vertical, even a gray jacket with black thin strip within the trend.

Another nuance that can not be replaced by catwalks and pages of magazines – basic lime. His vivid version used in the collections of many leading designers and so summer jackets in this color schemes are very relevant.

Jackets with floral printom also appear in wardrobe fashion, however, is not in such quantity as patterned and plain.

Decor saving jackets

Primary summer jackets are extremely modest interior, which can be expressed in only one vintazhnoy brooches. The presence of crystals, bulky flowers and other bulky jewelry is not welcome. In the office it is best to wear a jacket at all without decoration.