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The sweatshirt has long become a basic in your closet. Find answers to customer questions about the sporty classic.


What fabric makes a sweatshirt?

Originally the sweatshirt was a sports sweater. From its appearance and loose cut it resembles a shell of popular jogging suits. Cuddly-soft, comfortable and warm – these are the typical characteristics of a classic sweatshirt. No wonder that it is estimated that wearing comfort in everyday life. What material makes the sweatshirt: it resembles outside of the thickness and the material is established a T-shirt, he has inside a fluffy feeding. Special prepared feed yarn is carried which is roughened in the refining process, so that the outside is the basic knitting and inside the warming feeding.

Women's Sweatshirt Online


How do you style a sweatshirt feminine?

Its origin as a casual-light sports sweater ensures that the sweatshirt is especially suitable for the casual look. In combination with a pretty A-line or pleated skirt and ballet flats or heels can be styled female sweatshirt well. If you take jeans and sneakers choose a fine cloth trousers and lace-up shoes, you also give it a feminine touch.


How is a sweatshirt suitable for the office?

A sweatshirt from http://www.anycountyprivateschools.com/2016/02/28/womens-sweatshirts-hoodies-2016/ requires just the right fashion business, and then it can be worn for business outfit: if an elegant blouse collar at the neck and cuffs blouse sticking out of the sleeves, sweatshirt in no time is elegant. In addition still a pencil skirt or short skirt and heels or ankle boots combine – the look is perfect already. Also chic leather trousers or elegant accessories ensure a fashion upgrade the comfy sweater.


How to wear short sweatshirts?

“Cropped Sweater” hot sweatshirts an end just above the waistband or cropped cut. This outfit is not subject to teenagers, if you are using the sweatshirt sent: under the sweatshirt you a tight top, T-shirt or if it is colder, wearing a turtleneck, like also to the waistband. The main thing is the situation under the sweatshirt is nice close to the body and formed your contour after. As a fashion connoisseur you come out, if you wear underneath a denim blouse, a blouse or a patterned tunic, to close carrot pants or boyfriend jeans. About a floral dress the short sweatshirt ensures that you can wear your favorite dress on colder days.


How to combine a gray sweatshirt?

In combination with black pants and a white blouse can look very noble, a gray sweatshirt, because you create a purist but luxurious look. No fear of browns: brown leather shoes and belt and beige leather accessories impart a gray sweater an elegant contrast and Italian chic. Dress pants and T-shirts in bright colors can be customized with the gray sweatshirt again “catch” something – without the signal effect of clothing.


Further information:

Style: hooded, with embroidery, V-neck, with a cowl neck, turtleneck, Carmen, with bag, with laces, with gathering, with zipper, with buttons.

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