Women’s V Neck Shirts

V-neck shirts do not just fashion trends, but also bring your attractive advantages to bear. Learn more about skilful styling with the popular V-neck shirts.

Women's V Neck Shirts

What is special about V-neck shirts?

V-neck shirts emphasize your neckline and draw from so unwanted curves on the stomach, hips and thighs. In addition, the V-neck, the figure rises visually, so your silhouette looks slimmer. Also note that the narrower and deeper the cut tapers to V, the route direction of effect. But not only curvy women benefit from V-neck. Smaller women can “cheat” a little bigger with him. But of course, the popular V-neck not only has practical advantages. He spices up elegant, sporty, confident and playful shirts on effective and is an integral part of the fashion world.


What women is a V-neck particularly well?

As mentioned, V-neck shirts particularly for very feminine, but also little ladies with nice décolleté are extremely advantageous. But even women with broad shoulders and a shorter torso is the V-neck very well, since it allows the neck and torso appear longer and slimmer. Both smaller and larger breasts are emphasized optimally by the V-neck. Look here, however, to the depth of the cut – this should turn out not too big in a very ample bosom. Incidentally, the V-neck flatters women with round to oval face shape, while edged faces better harmonize with round holes.


What do you combine best with V-neck shirt?

Full figure women with so-called “O-figure” can also combine to fit V-neck openly worn blazers, sweaters or coats. The lace cutout works by continuously and any excess fat to be spirited away sent in this way. In addition to close as well as to further issued shirt fit V-neck tighter jeans or leggings. Go figure-hugging shirt you can of course also choose convenient boyfriend jeans, whipped jeans or further flared skirts.


What can you wear under a V-neck?

To create a sovereign look, you can wear under the shirt with V-neck chic blouse, the collar of which is reflected in the V-neck. Let opened the first buttons of her blouse for casual business style, otherwise the styling could severely affect. Also a convenient scoop neck is under the shirt with V great accents by “rounding off” the tip of the V-neck. In addition, you add variety to your style when the V-neck shines forth the refreshing shade of the underneath layered shirts.


Which jewelery fits into a shirt with V-neck?

The V-neck discreet decoration with harmonious lines is recommended, for example, a delicate pearl necklace. This brings your neckline in addition to radiation without imposing himself too much attention. Refrain from edgy jewelry that can negate the stretching effect of the V-neck. You can of course act on its own and, instead of jewelry in the neck area, choose delicate earrings.

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