Wood Decks

The wooden decks are the most common and traditional options for the floor that sits around hot tubs, hot tubs and swimming pools (see decks for swimming pools), which requires that the material possesses particular technical characteristics and specialized for this type of site, such as grip, anti-slip material, resistant to humidity and heat and sun exposure. The more traditional decks are made with wood nobles treated , that is, resistance to termites and decay, as the wood of trees such as the seedling and ipê. These woods are famous for their aesthetic beauty as well as functionality and resistance presented after the sealant treatment.

However, in recent years, went on to be a great search for more resistant and economic materials and requiring a level and constancy of less frequent maintenance, which allows its implementation in smaller projects or less financial cost. Among the materials that has become a trend for this purpose, we can highlight the cementitious flooring and porcelain, these materials that simulate the look of wood, as well as plastic, and can even come from recycled sources, or marble and granite.

Porcelain tile Deck: the deck made of porcelain tiles can be found in a wide variety of motifs and colors, ranging from pieces that simulate the colors of most noble woods as other types of materials. It is a product relatively inexpensive, good finish and that’s easy to clean and maintain, and allow easy application and fast compared to other solutions, because it can be laid with mortar. It is a great option for people who don’t want to worry about constant maintenance or that aim to save on the final value of the work.

Recycled plastic deck: a very interesting solution and that is gaining market share is decorating the deck made in recycled plastic, which is placed in the same way that traditional wood decks, through fitting of plastic parts. In addition to being a cheaper option and durable, plastic deck is also ecologically friendly by using recyclable materials and require minor care and less frequent in their maintenance, in addition to dropping the use of compounds as insecticides and varnishes. Compared with wood, which requires annual maintenance procedures, the deck made from recycled plastic can stay a long time without requiring maintenance or replacement.

Hardwood Deck or wood of reforestation: the traditional wood deck is visually most beautiful option, but is also the one that presents the highest value to implementation and maintenance. For being made of pure wood, treated to become impervious to liquids and immune to fungi, termites and decay, wood is a choice that requires specific care and treatment, and demand that the final cost tends to be greater. There is also the possibility of using reforestation wood that, although cheaper, also features a value higher than their plastic counterparts or porcelain.

How to choose the ideal deck: the choice of material to be used for the construction of the deck must take into account costs, area of application and also time and local weather. For smaller environments or who require more comfort and elegance, options such as porcelain and wood tend to be the most suitable, while decks next to barbecues or coastal regions the choice of porcelain or plastic decks might be a better choice, given the ease of cleaning and the exposure of the piece to salinity. It is also important to consider the budget for the construction of the deck, which can limit the choice of materials or your application.

In all cases, the general tip is to search for options that fit well in your project and have the finish and the qualities you’re looking for. Doing research and comparing prices is also a great option for those who want an end result beautiful and interesting but who do not want to spend a lot of money. Above all, it is important to always remember that there are no formal rules and immutable in the world of decoration, so creativity and boldness are its partners in time to develop any kind of design project.