Wooden Box Vintage

This was commissioned by a friend of my child for the mother’s day: a box decorated with vintage style… but how cute, with only 13 years… of course, I immediately started with her, of course!
I had a very clear idea about the napkin that I wanted to use for this job, so I guided by its shades to paint box.
For the base color, I prepared a tone similar to the marsala, a bit darker perhaps. With him I painted the bottom of the vintage box and then generously spent a candle to abrade tone butter which I applied then. You know that it is important that the color is as similar to the of the servi to integrate it perfectly in the wood.
The part I used was the frieze of roses that I put on all the circumference of the case.

Wooden Box Vintage

Integrating it even better, I was reviewing all edges with fine grit sandpaper. I admit that sometimes I go, because to highlight the appearance aged, in some areas insist much with the sandpaper to tear the paper… everything is a matter of taste.
The upper part of the box went through several stages until I found what you wanted… If we do not improvise, this would be aburridsimo jajjaja. First, I teñí it in a pink soft leather, revealing all the grain of the wood. It was beautiful, but the Assembly did not convince me. Color butter to dry brush on the slightly pink vein ended… do not see it… Again not so dry brush butter and I almost had it, but was I missing something.

A barely marked and very irregular, stencil with the color used for the base, by all the top. A more pronounced sentence, and a torn pink single of the valance of the napkin.

Finally, a patina of wax Walnut very soft in some areas and more pronounced in others, as joints and corners.
Of course, we cannot forget the inside of the box. I teñí the bottom contour slightly with stain to highlight the role of scrap of Dayka that I put in the background a little more. I think the dots to add a sweet touch to box.

With the same paper, I forré a small wooden heart and… ready!
The base of the box we must not neglect it, be neat, please!
Photoshoot before leaving for your destination.

I almost forgot! This type of boxes like putting a tape to permitto keep it open without the lid from falling.
John has told me that loved his motherbox. That was the intention, so I so happy.
Happy week!