Worst Clothing Brands for The Environment

Greenpeace and its new battle. This time against Zara (and others) who is accused of using toxic chemicals in some apparel distributed worldwide.
On 20 November, with a shock fashion show in Beijing, Greenpeace launched the report Toxic Threads – The Big Fashion Stitch-Up in which reveals the investigation of some of the most famous fashion chains in the world. In the Line of Fire the low cost brand Zara accused of using, in garments, chemical substances – nonylphenol ethoxylates , phthalates and alkylphenols – which in contact with the environment are transformed into toxic compounds that alter the hormonal system of man. In contact with the skin these components may be carcinogenic and, in addition to being a risk to people wearing contaminated clothing, could create as many poisonings causing environmental damage to the planet’s waters.

The Toxic Threads ratio is only a new document of the Detox campaign. Launched in 2011 demonstrated the responsibility of ‘pollution from the textile industry. The intention is to stop the poisoning of the planet’s waters from industries that use hazardous chemicals in their production cycles.

But it is not only Zadar has been relied upon by environmentalists: Benetton, Jack & Jones, ONLY, Vero Moda, Blažek, C & A, Diesel, Esprit, Gap, Armani, H & M, Levi, Victoria’s Secret, Mango, marks & Spencer, Metersbonwe, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Vancl. All very famous and important brands in the fashion scene that Greenpeace has to commit himself to clear the use of hazardous chemicals by 2020 and to require their suppliers to disclose to the local community the values ​​of all chemical substances released into the waters cough from their installations.

The Greenpeace campaign is very strong , takes up the same codes of the brand site and every detail that you think I can attract a fashion enthusiast. It was decided to puntuare against this specific chain of clothing because accused of not having changed its policy, continuing to produce products with a high content of toxic sotanze unlike other brands such as H & M and M & S.