Xiaomi with Two New Mobiles: Mi and Mi 5s 5s Plus

The booming Chinese brand Xiaomi is known to emit powerful mobiles at very advantageous prices. Mi5S and Mi5S Plus repeats the story.

We must indeed not being cheated out of Chinese mobile news this autumn. Earlier today, we could tell about leaked photos of the upcoming Mate 9 from Huawei, but already now there are new from another major manufacturer from China-Xiaomi is ready with two new mobiles.

Xiaomi has by a larger launch event just unveiled their latest phones Xiaomi Mi 5S and 5S Plus, arriving as successors to the good half a year old Xiaomi Mi 5. 

The new editions come with a wide range of top features and manage simultaneously, as is the case with many of the Chinese mobiles, to gather it all in a incredibly budget-friendly package.

Xiaomi Mi 5S

Let us first take a look at Mi 5S. My looks similar to its predecessor, but above a glass back of the phone is now formed in the metal at the rear. In addition, there is added a finger scanner, as well as a touch screen for the model with 4 GB RAM.

This display reads on the slightly leaning size 5.15 inches and is in a 1080 p resolution. Inside the engine room are the new Snapdragon chip, a 3,200 821 mAh large battery, and either 3 GB RAM and 64 GB of memory, or 4 GB of RAM and the entire 128 GB of storage.

The camera is on, and is the so-called IMX378 12MP sensor from Sony, which is also used in, among other things. the latest Nexus-mobiles, as well as HTC 10. Selfie-the Hunter on the front reads on the 4 MP and are supposed to be transferred directly from the former Mi 5.

Additional get Xiaomi Mi 5S law to keep USB Type-C-entrance, Quick Charge 3.0 and not, at least one dual-sim slot.

Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus

The larger version of the new mobiles called Xiaomi 5S Plus (and Yes we do not come around that the naming sounds familiar). This major release is similar in many ways to the smaller 5S, when looking at the design, however, is the finger scanner instead moved about on the back and instead of one camera sensor, is it here two to find.

There is therefore a dual-camera on the 5S Plus, where each sensor is on 13 MP and is based on the same technology that we, among other things. viewing Huaweis P9 and Honor 8.

The size is 5.5 inch and is also at a resolution of 1080 p. In addition, this large version also comes equipped with snapdragon 821, 64 or 128 GB memory, USB Type-C, Dual-sim support, the same Quick Charge 3.0 as well as the same 4 MP front camera.

The battery is in turn a part larger on Mi 5S Plus, and in the only 7.95 mm thick phone, they have managed to get space for a battery on the whole 3,800 mAh.

In addition, the base model with 64 GB memory with 4 GB of RAM, while the version with double the storage space has been assigned to the massive 6 GB of RAM.


Price and availability

If or when the new mobiles from Xiaomi coming to our market, yes it is not quite to say, but in the Chinese Yuan, which is a good thing the same as Danish crowns, they sound different models prices as follows:

  • MI 5S (3 GB/64 GB): 1,999 yuan
  • MI 5S (4 GB/128 GB): 2,299 yuan
  • MI 5S (4 GB/64 GB): 2,299 yuan
  • MI 5S (6 GB/128 GB): 2,599 yuan

So there is talk about some incredibly favourable prices, and immediately something that could be really interesting to get your hands on. The models found in the four colors gold, silver, gray and rose gold, and the sale will take place in China from tomorrow.