YouTube Channel Mounts Acquis (illegal) Complete Brazilian Films and Rare

A YouTube channel has been causing controversy. There are 150 full Brazilian films. Rare works, such as “Goat marked to die”, which, according to O Globo, was even released on DVD. A real genuine national concentrated content collection in one channel. There is only one problem: the content there have not been properly licensed for display on the internet. They are illegal.

More than 229 hours of national production chosen by a philosopher and journalist who writes about film blog The Glass House. Eduardo Carli, the author told the Rio newspaper who does not know to what extent piracy interferes with bandage big productions like “Avatar” or “Batman – The Dark Knight.” The channel it also has “Elite Squad 2”, a much anticipated film after the first of the franchise popped the street vendors before coming to movie theaters. Still, it was a success.

Another curious point channel concerns the lack of uploads. Yes, that’s right: Carli did not send any of the videos to the site, the property giant Google. The channel “Movies Full Brazilian” works as a playlist. The author panned and found the complete productions in own YouTube. He made ​​the list and published. However, he says he was not responsible for any content. They were already there.

Google said the following in a statement, according to the newspaper:

“Youtube is not responsible for the videos posted on the internet, offering only a technological platform on which millions of people create and share their own content. google believes that freedom of expression is one of the factors that make the internet so rich and useful to society. Cases of misuse of that freedom, such as copyrighted material, are punished with the removal of illegal content identified and marked by the owner of rights, but google does not exercise prior control over the content created by the users or make the role of police or judge about them.”

In fact, the video site is not responsible for the videos posted on the Internet. However, as far as our legislation will, it seems that there is doubt about Google’s responsibility for content posted on own platform, YouTube. The situation differs from that in which the presenter Xuxa asked to remove the engine from the search result images – she lostand Google does not control what is published on the Internet; already on YouTube yes.

Content ID, a technology created by YouTube, does the times of “prior control” of the published content. Identifies audio and video and turns them into a kind of unique fingerprint that is checked each new upload. third-party content are quickly identified, since the company owns the copyright in touch with the video site and is adept Content ID.

For example, a simple video release of Mists of Pandaria, the sequel to World of Warcraft, yielded a notice in the channel our site on YouTube: “Matched third party content”. Just do not know that we Blizzard permission to play the video. In contrast, it seems, those national films – and some international organized into another channel – which Carli groups on YouTube.

Let’s see what happens from now. Some videos were deleted from the playlist.