YouTube Music-How to Become the New Music Service

Google and YouTube launches probably soon a streaming service for music-such are expected to be.

Google and YouTube are expected before the end of the year, having presented a streaming service for music.

The a new music service has been on the rumor based for a long time, but now starts more and more details to get rid off.

There will be talk about the fact that the new service can be used for free and via a monthly subscription, as we know from our site, WIMP, Xbox Music, Deezer and other similar services.

Some of the novelty of YouTube’s music service, is the integration of videos that are very natural extension the YouTube is already good at, namely moving images.

The price is also let out, writes The New York Times, cautioning that a premium subscription will cost 10 dollars, which in Denmark would mean a price of about 99 kroner, or what the subscription costs with other streamingtjenester.

The paid settlement will, in relation to the free, be free of advertisements and provide expanded opportunities for users.

When the service comes remains to be seen, since Google and YouTube has refused to give official statements about a possible presentation, but we guess that the service will be available before the end of the year.