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4 Tips To Make The Most Of Your MBA

An MBA requires at least two major investments of time and also money, resources that rarely does anyone have to waste out there, is not it? Therefore whoever decides to leave for a course of this type need to make the most of all that it can offer. Do you agree? Then check out the tips of Silvio Laban, coordinator of Insper MBA programs to enforce all their efforts.

1 - In the MBA, unlike the graduation, the student is looking for a specific knowledge and directed to meet any deficiency he has in professional life. "The attitude of a professional who is studying MBA should be more participatory and decided it is he who is opting to acquire this knowledge, spontaneously," said Laban. So do not expect anything to fall from the sky. Understand that the course will require, yes, a lot of time and dedication and most of its use will depend solely on the efforts you have this learning.

2 - Choose the right time to do the MBA is also very important to take every opportunity that travel can bring. "The truth MBA is designed for individuals who already have managerial experience and have already taken or are about to assume leadership positions," said Laban. This career moment homogeneity is very important because many MBA involves sharing moments and exchange of experiences among students. "You can only enrich the discussions if everyone can contribute," said Laban. And of course, take the time to express their experiences and learn from the experiences of colleagues.

3 - A good MBA course also has function to develop behavioral skills - or soft skills , as they say in the labor market. "These skills need to be developed through experiences and activities," said Laban." So it is for the student to engage in these activities in the classroom and outside the classroom," he says.

4 - Another essential point of an MBA is to provide much - very much - networking among students. "They are very strong relationships that you can take for the rest of my life, both professionally and personally," said Laban. "It is very common, for example, to see people who met the program after going to work together or assemble a business," he says. For this, of course, you need to strive to meet others, find issues and interests in common. In addition, you must be careful not to let these cool relationships when the course finished. Keep in touch always with both the school and with former colleagues.

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