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Åland: political system

According to, Åland is a self-governing Swedish-speaking archipelago that belongs to Finland. Åland has its own government and parliament. However, the head of state of Åland is the President of Finland.

Åland: political system

National anthem

The hymn "Ålänningens sång" (Song of the Ålanders) has been Åland's national anthem since 1922. The text is by John Grandell and the melody by Johan Fridolf Hagfors.


In Swedish In the English translation
1st stanza

Landet med tusende öar och skär,

danat ur havsvågors sköte.

Åland, vårt Åland, vår hembygd det är.

Dig går vår long till you want!Forngravars kummel i hängbjörkars skygd

tälja din tusenårs saga.

Aldrig förgäta vi fäderas bygd,

vart vi i fjärrled än draga,

vart vi i fjärrled än draga.2nd stanza

Skönt är vårt Åland när fjärdar och sund

blåna i vårljusa dagar,

ljuvt är att vandra i skog och i lund,

i stränderas blommande hagar.Midsommarstången mot aftonröd sky

reses av villiga dealers,

ytterst i utskärens fiskareby

ungdomen vårdkasar tänder,

ungdomen vårdkasar tänder.3rd verse

Skönt är vårt Åland när vågsvallet yr

högt mot de mäktiga stupen,

när under stjärnhimlen kyrkfolket styr,

över de islagda djupen.Ryter än stormen i stugornas ro

distaff sjunger sin visa,

minnet av barndomens hägnande bo

sönerna lyckligast prisa,

sönerna lyckligast prisa.4th stanza

Aldrig har åländska kvinnor och

men svikit sin stam och des era;

ofärd oss hotat, men segervisst än

frihetens arvsrätt vi bära.Högt skall det klinga, vårt svenska språk,

tala med manande stämma,

lysa vår väg som en flammande båk,

visa var vi aro hemma,

visa var vi aro hemma.

1st stanza

The land of a thousand islands and skerries,

Born deep under the waves

Åland, our Åland, it is our home.

We long for youOld graves under the birches

Telling of our millennial history

We will never forget the land of our fathers

No matter where we go

No matter where we go2nd verse

Our Åland is lovely when bays and straits

turn blue in the bright days of spring

It is wonderful to walk in the woods and groves

In the flowering fields of our coasts.Midsummer days until evening red sky


lit by willing raised hands In the fishing villages on the archipelago the furthest light up

Beacons are lit by the young

Beacons are lit by the young3rd verse

Our Åland is lovely when the foam of the waves

swirl against the mighty abyss

When the church steers people under the stars

In the icy depths of the seaEven when the storm roars, in the peace of the huts

The song of the spinning wheel is sung

The memory of loving childhood is

happy praised

by sons Happy praised by sons4.

Verse Åland's women and men have never

neglected the honor of their tribe.

War threatened us, but

we still victoriously led the legacy of freedomIt has to sound loud, our Swedish language

Spoken in an urgent voice.

Illuminate our path like a sea mark of flames

Show us where we belong

Show us where we belong

National flag

In 1954, Åland received its own flag. The national flag has a blue background with a yellow cross in which there is another red cross.

This refers to the relationship with Sweden, which has a yellow cross on a blue background. According to, the red cross on the yellow cross represents the old Swedish colors for Finland.

Aland flag and coat of arms

Åland: Known people

Erik XIV. (1533-1577)

Erik XIV. Was King of Sweden from 1560 to 1568 and had been replaced as King by his half-brother Johann because of mental confusion and was imprisoned with his wife for a few months in Kastelholm Castle in autumn 1571. Gustav Erikson (1872-1947) The Finnish shipowner Gustav Erikson acquired today's museum ship "Pommern" in 1923 and moved the ship to Mariehamn on Åland. He was born on October 24, 1872 in Hellestorp in the municipality of Lemland on Åland and died on August 15, 1947 in Mariehamn, the capital of the archipelago

Duke Jonann (1537-1592)

Johann was one of the sons of Gustav Vasa I and became Duke of Finland in 1556 and King of Sweden from 1568 until his death. He lived in Kastelholm Castle for some time in 1557, 1559 and 1561. He also imprisoned his half-brother King Erik XIV and his wife here for a few months in the fall of 1571.

Søren Norby (1470-1530)

Norby was the commander of the Danish fleet and the Gotland lieutenant. The Swedes, however, saw him as a privateer.

In 1507 he had conquered Kastelholm Castle.

His eventful life came to an end when he entered imperial service in 1529 and took part in the siege of Florence to reinstate the Medici. In the course of the siege he fell on March 12, 1530 outside Florence. Per Olson (1503-1567) Per Olson lived as a so-called accountant in Hermas, in today's Hermas Museum courtyard. It was first mentioned in a tax book in 1537.

Gustav Vasa (1496-1560)

Gustav Vasa was King of Sweden from June 6, 1523 to 1560. In 1523 he finally liberated Sweden from the rule of the Danes and converted, among other things, Kastelholm Castle on Åland into a hunting lodge.






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