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Different MBA Degrees

Different MBA Degrees
For years, has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree conferred a higher salary and industry respect, even though the field was pretty limited. But increasingly, have MBA degrees diversified, expanding into a number of areas, giving students more options and job opportunities. They are thinking of getting an MBA should be aware of the different types on offer, such as accounting, finance, Executive and health care management.

MBA in Accounting
An MBA in accounting practices educates students in the principles of accounting, management and marketing. While business management also emphasized, MBA in accounting focus on topics like managerial accounting, finance, accounting, information systems, finance, operations and organization theory and analysis. Rutgers University Business School in Newark, New Jersey, was the first school to introduce this degree and offers a full time MBA in Professional Accounting, which can be completed in 14 months. Students who complete this degree will be eligible to take the CPA exam.

MBA in Finance
An MBA specializing in finance is designed to train students in all the financial principles for business, leading to a job as a financial analyst, accountant, investment banker or the ultimate prize, Chief Financial Officer of a company. University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia offers the nation's top-ranked MBA in Finance, according to 2010 "& U.s. News World Report" listing for best finance business schools. Wharton gives the students the opportunity to specialize in corporate finance, banks and financial institutions, international finance and investment management.

Executive MBA
An executive MBA degree is exclusively designed for middle and senior level managers with experience, normally 5 years or more who work in their companies ' management structure. The main difference with this degree compared to other MBA students continue to work full time in their regular job while studying their executive MBA degree. Due to the limited time, commitment, Executive MBA normally takes two years to complete, and are often sponsored by a student's business or enterprise. Approved applicants will be trained in various aspects of teamwork, leadership and innovation in business. Northwestern University's Kellogg School of management in Evanston, Illinois, offers one of the nation's best executive MBA programs, with courses in ethics and executive leadership, the basis for strategy, marketing management and statistical decision analysis.

MBA in Health Care
An MBA in health care combines a solid foundation in the fundamental management with specialized courses in health care administration. Graduates can find work as hospital administrators, health care consultants and pharmaceutical project managers. Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, offers an MBA for Executive Leadership in health care, divided into a first-year session that teaches management fundamentals such as managing groups and teams, competition, spreadsheet monitoring and the global macro economy; and a second-year session with a specialty in health care instruction, such as management and innovation in health care organizations, information technology for health care and health care policy, finance, and economics.

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