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Duke MBA Couple

The process of applying for MBAs a couple is no doubt more work. However, we would like to share our experience because we believe it is not only possible to pass on good schools applying a couple but also that everything that comes after the approval of more than compensates for any initial effort. We apply for MBAs in the US in 2010 and follow also the experience of college friends who applied alone in the same period. Clearly, our process was more complicated in three dimensions. 
First, two people through the preparation for GMAT and application is always more stressful. Are different factors contributing to the tension of this period, but most of them and simply probabilistic: the chance of a person being successful is low, the chance of two people succeed at the same time is even lower. The good thing is that one can help each other all the time. 

Second, school choice is more complex when the couple has different goals. In our case, only our academic goal was different. Still, the choice of schools was not trivial. We went to several sessions information, we spoke with several former students and visited many schools, many more than actually applied. But in the end, we reached a set of four relatively similar schools each other and met our main objectives: good financial and general management programs, high academic rigor, collaborative environment, relatively small class and localization outside of major urban centers. In this process it is also important to be aware that schools understand the desire of the couple to attend the same program, which reduces the probability effect mentioned above. We are not restricted to these schools, but we were prepared for being accepted and others not in schools that saw application couple as separate applications -. What actually happened.

Third, financial support becomes even more important when two people leave employment for two years to make such a large investment. Financial support varies significantly between schools and often focus more on understanding other aspects of schools and left to understand the financial assistance after approval. Our suggestion is to look carefully to support finnceiro from the beginning of the selection process of colleges and apply only to those who fit the financial reality of the couple. 
But since all this is overcome, the rewards are extreme. We chose Duke and could not have made ​​a better choice. Duke found in all we were after and we were still surpreendidios positively. We are absolutely delighted with our academic experience with interaction with our class and alumni, and the quality of life of North Carolina. In addition, the school offered us financial support to cover tuition and living costs, a much larger amount of what we need. 

Now we lack only a month and a half to the end of our course, we look at the obstacles that we won to get Duke and they look absolutely negligible when compared to all that the school provided us. And the fact that we have been through all this together and terms insisted on the idea do the same MBA program, made ​​our experience even more special! Those who go through a similar experience, we suggest a lot of effort and determination in preparing for the GMAT and application as well as a great deal of attention in the choice of schools. And when the challenge seem insurmountable, remember that everything will be worth it.


Andre Zaia

Degree in economics from Unicamp in 2004. He obtained a Certificate in Financial Management at INSPER in 2007. He began his career at Siemens in 2004 where he worked until mid-2006 as controller. Then worked one year in Estre Ambiental, as Structured Finance Manager and four years in the Libra Group, where he held the position of business manager until the beginning of the MBA in June 2011.


Maria Fernanda Zanetti Souza

Degree in economics from Unicamp in 2004. He began his career at McKinsey & Company, where he worked until 2010 as a research analyst dedicated to the practice of financial institutions. Then he worked as a senior manager in the strategic planning department of HSBC Bank Brazil to mid-2011, when started MBA at Duke.

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